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You only uploaded the exe so the game cannot be played at all, please upload the data and other files next to it and zip them up so its playable.

You only uploaded the exe and the game cannot be played, please upload the folders and files next to the exe and zip them up with it so that the game can be played. 

Please upload the Windows build too, I'd appreciate it.

Can you please make a windows downloadable version of the game? It lags a lot when running on browser.

Please upload the dlls next to the exe and data/mono folder(s) and zip them all up, the game is unplayable without those files.

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At one of the levels Donkey ambushes you at the start and makes it impossible to beat the level, please fix this encounter. (Don't tell me to gitgud, its literally impossible)

You're missing the game data folder and other files next to the game exe, please upload those along with the exe so the game is playable.

The zip file is empty, please reupload by zipping it up properly or use RAR or 7z to zip it.

you also need the game folder that's next to these files, those contain the levels and music, I suggest you zip them all up including these files so that its in one convenient package.

please include the rest of the game files next to the exe, I cannot play the game without them.

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No, its that the developer needs to properly include the rest of the game files, he only included the launcher. Without the game files the game won't run since there's nothing the launcher can do with.  (Essentially the developer included only a small part of a game not all of it)

Additional information can be found here:

you only uploaded the executable which does not contain the rest of the game files, please rebuild the game into its own folder, and zip anything that it is in that folder so that the game can be played.

please upload the rest of the game files instead of just the executable such as data folder,  mono, unity crash handler, and UnityPlayer.dll if they are located next to the exe.

Thank you for zipping it up, but there's an error when I try to play it reading "failed to open descriptor file MyProject4.uproject" and seems like some of the files are missing for an Unreal Game, I'm not sure how to fix this but there's probably information online to help.

You only uploaded the exe, please upload the rest of the game files and folders in the folder where the exe was in, all zipped up.

There's an error saying it cannot open the descriptor for MyProject3.uproject, as a result I cannot play the game

Where are the last 4 zombies? I searched all over the island and couldn't find them

Game is missing mono and unitycrashhandler64.exe so I am unable to play it.

Please make it claimable.

Please  upload the game again with these files included along with a folder called MonoBleedingEdge and an exe called UnityCrashHandler64.exe, I cannot play it without the rest of the game files:

Zip the data folder and exe and dll and mono files next to the exe into a zip file (it’s complicated but there are instructions online)

Remember to upload this onto a private mirror, because Konami will eventually find out about this game and will take it down, just a reminder.

Please upload the data folder and other files with the exe next time

can you remove some of the trees on the last island level? I spent an hour trying to find the last two cubes without success and I think they might be stuck in the trees, but it’s hard to tell and the trees block your path so it’s impossible to beat it.

please recompile the game into a separate folder and zip all the files inside of it to a zip archive, I cannot play the game unless you have all the other files included