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I hope you enjoy it! Village Witch is one of my favorite games and I loved making this version of it. 

Thank you so much!

Loving this game so much. Thank you for creating it. 
Part 1 of my Playthrough is up on the blog 

Beautiful game. I shared my thoughts and playthrough on my blog:

But mostly I just want to say thank you for this.

Couldn't comment on my 5star rating but wanted to say I really enjoyed this game. I loved the premise and the time limit really helps focus on what is going on and ramp up the action almost like a movie rather than prolong the inevitable.

my full review and playthrough is on my blog. I did create some rolling tabled to generate the house because I was stuck in choice paralysis at the beginning otherwise.

I will definitely let you know if/when I try it in a larger game

and yes, this would be AMAZING in a steampunk game!

For some reason Itch wouldn't let me comment on my 5 star rating so I'll post it here

This is a fantastic quick game that I think would make a great addition to investigation and supernatural games like Call of Cthulhu, Phantoms, etc.

Highly recommend giving it a try.

You can read my full review and quick playthrough on my blog

Feel free to use the disclaimer. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing what you make.

Weeds in the Waste is imaginative, immersive, and despite being a game that you can play in a short time packs a whole lot of emotion and story. The mechanics are quick to learn and don’t require anything I didn’t already have from playing other games. I plan to come back to it again and again as well as encourage those I’m playing other games with to try it out.

I recommend Weeds in the Waste for fans of Village Witch, Apothecaria, Last Tea Shop, and other magical fantasy solo games that have a habit of turning dark at times.

My full review including how I played Weeds in the Waste in combination with Village Necromancer is on my blog

(I attempted to put this review in with my rating but for some reason it wouldn't let me. Will try again in the future)

Note: I have the Olivia Hill rule on this game and am adding it to all of my games because Fascists cannot help but out themselves. Thank you for making yourself known in my comments so that I can report, block, and ban you. Next

Ended up not going with either one and created an eldritch horror game instead. About to send it out to beta testers. Hopefully they like it.

Since purchasing this game, I have played it twice. Once by myself and once with my partner. Not only did I really enjoy it, my partner, who is new to ttrpg, also had a lot of fun using up some of my favorite stickers (he does not collect and yes it was kind of stressful to watch him slaughter a good stack of them).

I have played a number of solo ttrpgs (and written a few). This one with its audio prompts (and yall, the voice acting is awesome!) and using stickers as the primary means of self expression was so innovative. I’ve never seen anything like it. Not only did it make for a unique method of immersion but it also made the game quick and easy. I didn’t have time to (or need to) overthink (which is something I do a lot especially when muddling through creative writing prompts).

Despite the time frame and limited means of expression, the audios and the story style still sucked me in. There was still a story to be told. I still very much a part of that story which had repercussions if I didn’t play my part. This, to me, makes for excellent ttrpg.

Another thing I love about solo ttrpg, or, at least, how I play them, is the creation of a character journal. I tend to make my own journals. Sometimes its a simple book of folded paper with some cardstock or the like as a cover. Other times I go full junk journal creation, and still other times its a mini zine. It all depends on the type of ttrpg. In this case I made a stack of folded paper journals for me and my partner to fill with stickers. The simplicity of the journal creation worked because the addition of the stickers and minimal note taking made for vibrant and loud artistry.

At the end of the game, we both had heft journals despite their length. Stacks of adhesive and colorful imagery made for an illustrated timeline that we then could flip through. Because of our sticker choices, it looked like we had different genres – his was more irreverent horror and mine a sword and sorcery adventure. This difference in genre really showcases how versatile The Sticker Game is. Each person, each sticker selection, can really make so much of a difference. I love that.

(the full review is on my blog but this is the majority of it. It all comes down to the fact I loved this game.

one idea I have is Fern Gully but the fairies are mushrooms...because I read a study about how some mycelium and certain plants clear pollution and it would be cool to see that in fantasy form...

another idea I have is a bit darker and deals with someone wanting to get proof (photo or video) of different cryptids in Appalachia but running into Men in Black (btw they aren't as fun as the MiB movies if you read the original stories), aliens abducting people, hunters looking for weird trophies, etc. 

The cutest, most cozy game I've ever played (and I've played a number of cozy games as it is my favorite way to wind down and relax). My son (6yo) and I (33yo) both play it and just love it.
The characters were perfect. I loved the inclusivity not only of LGBTQ+ and POC but also of body size. As a fat femme enby, I was so happy for a chance to make a character like me and see them move around in the world.
I personally loved the distance between things and wandering around, looking at the forest and coast, listening to the lo-fi music. It was so relaxing.
I even made up stories in my head about the characters (mine and Ash are dating and Xin and Lily and I are using herbs, flowers, and mushrooms in new recipes). 
I don't know if there are any plants to update the game with more quests and stories after the giant cat fiasco but I really hope so. I would love to continue in this world a little more.
Thank you for such an amazing game.

For a unique, cozy solo ttrpg

I HIGHLY recommend The Witch's Almanac.

Its challenging, the play experience can be as quick or as in depth as you want, and I keep coming back to it!

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My favorite solo ttrpg! Not only is the world and premise unique, this game allows for so much darkness and snark (right up my alley)! Gives me Dead Like Me vibes.
The prompts are fantastic but what really makes this easy and fun to play are the tables for outcomes and follow up as well as the prompts in between card draws. I just haven't seen any other solo game like it. 

I shared my thoughts and how I played, and the results of my play on my blog:

I really adore this game and have harassed all of my ttrpg friends into getting it. 

A great premise and I love when a game uses tarot cards as a randomizer. There is a lot of room to play in this game - making it as tech or as dark or as politcal etc as you like. I also think its cool that this is easily adaptable to other ttrpg rules, characters, and settings so if you have a character you'd like to play with on days your friends can't campaign, this would be a good way to develop and have fun.

My initial game play linked where I share my thoughts while setting up character, setting, etc and drawing a few cards 

In all, I enjoyed it and will continue playing.