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Weeds in the Waste is imaginative, immersive, and despite being a game that you can play in a short time packs a whole lot of emotion and story. The mechanics are quick to learn and don’t require anything I didn’t already have from playing other games. I plan to come back to it again and again as well as encourage those I’m playing other games with to try it out.

I recommend Weeds in the Waste for fans of Village Witch, Apothecaria, Last Tea Shop, and other magical fantasy solo games that have a habit of turning dark at times.

My full review including how I played Weeds in the Waste in combination with Village Necromancer is on my blog

(I attempted to put this review in with my rating but for some reason it wouldn't let me. Will try again in the future)


Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed playing Weeds in the Waste!