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This is such an amazing idea!! I definitely struggle to differentiate NPC voices and I am so excited to try this out the next time I'm running something involving NPCs.

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I had such a fun and silly time playing this game! I played with one other person, and while we didn't do a ton of actual roleplaying to flesh out dice rolls, we still had a great time with the flavor text and tournament rounds.

A couple of thoughts, in case it helps with future dev:

- We kept rolling ties, but unless I missed it, there's no guidance on how to handle it? (We just rerolled them if it wasn't clear who won a round otherwise)

- We would have loved more snail stuff — naming them or giving them stats to incorporate into rolls

I can't wait to see where this goes in the future!

My orcfucker friend and I just played this and had such a fun (and unexpectedly sweet!) time! This game is really well designed to help you feel comfortable talking about fun, consensual orc sex and to encourage a good time for characters and players. I am obsessed with the top/bottom advantage/disadvantage mechanics, they were a really fun addition.

Hi and thank you so much for playing!! You’ll begin with the hadal zone - the order represents Ys moving upward from the bottom of the sea. 

Ah, good catch, and thank you for the reminder not to take people's familiarity with these things for granted! I'll make a note to update that at some point. I'm glad you had a good time, though!

Just played this with friends and had a wildly fun time, I can't wait to play it again!

A question — when moves instruct you to add someone else's success to your own roll, do you add their full roll results (ie 12) to your own, or just however much you need to hit a success, or something else entirely?

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Hi! I'm playing this with a friend right now and we both have different interpretations of this instruction:

"When there are no more cards to turn, the hour ends. If there are equal or more cards in the Success Pile, mark it as Peaceful."

What are the number of cards in the Success Pile meant to be equal to? The discard pile, or the hour? (We're playing with an interpretation that it's the former, but I wanted to check!)

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Thank you for the review, and also the note about page 3! They are d6s; I'll fix that when I come back to this for layout.

I ran this for a group of friends — we weren't able to finish (we ended after the first Visitor death due to time constraints) but we all loved it. The mechanics are so evocative, especially when it comes to the dice. I think it's incredibly clever to flip successes and failures the way Ritual does; I love it when successes and failures both come with strings attached, and the thematic intent works incredibly well here. Also, the art is fantastic.

The book mentions an online character keeper — is this available yet? I can't seem to find a link anywhere. Thank you!


Hello! I'm extending the jam for another month, by request. I hope this is plenty of time to make your work the best it can be!

On a semi-related note, would people be interested in a bundle of the entries being put together once the jam has wrapped?

I'm using this playbook in my Blades game now as my second character and having a great time with it - the moves are so evocative and I love the occult vibes so much!

I’m down!



ahaha, this is a mood — I hope we both get ours done though because yours sounds so good!

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Hi Michael! Would you be okay with someone else (well, me) making a game using the same cover, or would you prefer not to have doubles? (My concept is fairly different, I think — a TQY-inspired one about horrors in the deep.)

I'm very into Those Letters To Nowhere and Lighthouse Keepers, but just want to check that it's not a faux pas to use covers other people are already planning on making games with? The first post says 'to avoid too many people jumping on the same covers' but I want to be sure that doesn't mean 'only one person per cover'!