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Hi, I've been programming in Ren'py for several years, and I'm looking for paid work. I’m open to paid or revshare projects. Stuff I can do:

  • Point system
  • Point-and-click
  • Inventory
  • GUI coding
  • Image layering
  • And more

My discord:
bunni#0684 (all lowercase)

We're looking again. Please have at least a few hours a week to commit to this project.

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Hi. Currently, our team has three people: me (worldbuilding, game design), a composer, and a 3D modeler/animator.

The Game:
The game is a singleplayer, 3D, low-poly, strategy RPG with fantasy and scifi elements. We're planning to use Unreal Engine 5 or Unity, and we're making the game for mobile. We’re hoping to launch a kickstarter after the demo is finished.

Our Progress:
We're working on the demo. We’ve made progress in the worldbuilding, music, and 3D art aspects, but we basically don't have anything done in terms of programming.

What We’re Looking For:
We’re looking for a programmer with great communication skills. We need someone to program combat for the demo (between the player character and one enemy character) as well as having the player character walk around and interact with objects. We’re patient and flexible with deadlines. Please have at least a few hours a week to commit to this project.

Feel free to add me on Discord: bunni#0684

Hi! I sent you an email. :3

I sent a friend request!

I did, it's in the title. It says "Ren'py." :3

Sorry, it's not Unity.

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Edit: Found a team!

Hi! I'm looking to make a VN for fun. I really wanna program RPG inventory/fight mechanics, but it's not as fun working on it by myself. Looking for either a team with a project or individual(s) wanting to collaborate on an unpaid project. I've been coding in Ren'py for a couple of years. I would prefer a project without a close deadline, as I'd like to do this on my free time.

Got the friend request

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Hi, we're looking for someone to help color and shade our lineart. (Or if you want to make the lineart too, that can be arranged.)

The project is a commercial fantasy dating sim (girl x any gender) set in a college. This will not be rev-share.


  • Good communication, preferably through Discord
  • Should be able to color and shade at this quality or better:

If you are willing to help for free, that would be great. If you require payment, please let us know your rates.

Contact us on Discord: bunni#6263 (the "b" is lowercase)

Discord is convenient, but if you don’t want to use it, I could send you an email. Would that work for you? Also, sorry for the late reply; I was working on Yaoi Jam and SuNoFes entries.

Hi, I was wondering if you’d like to connect. What’s your Discord?

Hi, maybe we can connect. Do you have a Discord?

Those are beautiful, especially New Idea and Arcane Sanctuary - Between Four Walls. Do you have a Discord?

I sent you a friend request!

That sounds fun! Let me know your Discord once you get it?

Hi, I’ve been working in Ren’py on and off for a few years.

Does anyone need a programmer? Or want to start a new visual novel project together? I have Discord.