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Thanks so much for giving it a shot, Jupiter. In case you are wondering, the stories of the dead from the Choir Unseen are true. 

Take your time! Really digging what you've got so far. :-)

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I'll 3rd that. I'd love to be able to tinker with this -- and program it to be more unix-like.

It still does what it says on the box.


In short, my graphics card was too old.

In detail:
When I checked the Player.log file in .config/unity3d/Pixel\ Vision\ 8/Game\ Creator\ Pro/ it complained that the openGL version is out of date. It turns out the the graphics card is not compatable with OpenGL 3.2 -- which Unity games require to run.

Switched to a different computer -- no problems.

- Game won't start when booted from icon

- Execution permissions applied.

Output of launching via command line:

steambuntu@steambuntu:~/Desktop/Game Creator Pro$ ./Game\ Creator\ Pro\ v0.6.2.x86_64 
Set current directory to /home/steambuntu/Desktop/Game Creator Pro
Found path: /home/steambuntu/Desktop/Game Creator Pro/Game Creator Pro v0.6.2.x86_64
Mono path[0] = '/home/steambuntu/Desktop/Game Creator Pro/Game Creator Pro v0.6.2_Data/Managed'
Mono path[1] = '/home/steambuntu/Desktop/Game Creator Pro/Game Creator Pro v0.6.2_Data/Mono'
Mono config path = '/home/steambuntu/Desktop/Game Creator Pro/Game Creator Pro v0.6.2_Data/Mono/etc'
displaymanager : xrandr version warning. 1.5
client has 3 screens
displaymanager screen (0)(LVDS1): 1024 x 768
Using libudev for joystick management
Importing game controller configs

A window boots up for a fraction of a second and then closes.

- I am assuming this has something to do with the xrandr picking up 3 "screens". I am on a laptop with a single screen -- but there's a VIRTUAL1 screen and a VGA that I've assured are disabled by running xrandr.

- I think this may be an issue with my older hardware and unity. I'm going to run another unity game to check.

Cute little game. :-)

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Agreed. I am very much looking forward to the linux update -- but I haven't heard anything yet.

I totally understand. There's no init file, then? Maybe put the source up?

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is there some way to get 1.5 running on Linux?

Ecellent first chapter. Leaves so many questions!

The game art is superb! Very unique!

I had a hell of a time finding the damned wrench, though!

This is really cool -- is there any way to set your own starting conditions? Speed up the evolution time? Record population as a function of some variable over time?

That'd be really useful and really cool for people studying computational evolutionary biology. :-D

Does what it says on the box.