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Game Doesn't Boot in Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS

A topic by Slugzzz created Mar 06, 2017 Views: 197 Replies: 4
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- Game won't start when booted from icon

- Execution permissions applied.

Output of launching via command line:

steambuntu@steambuntu:~/Desktop/Game Creator Pro$ ./Game\ Creator\ Pro\ v0.6.2.x86_64 
Set current directory to /home/steambuntu/Desktop/Game Creator Pro
Found path: /home/steambuntu/Desktop/Game Creator Pro/Game Creator Pro v0.6.2.x86_64
Mono path[0] = '/home/steambuntu/Desktop/Game Creator Pro/Game Creator Pro v0.6.2_Data/Managed'
Mono path[1] = '/home/steambuntu/Desktop/Game Creator Pro/Game Creator Pro v0.6.2_Data/Mono'
Mono config path = '/home/steambuntu/Desktop/Game Creator Pro/Game Creator Pro v0.6.2_Data/Mono/etc'
displaymanager : xrandr version warning. 1.5
client has 3 screens
displaymanager screen (0)(LVDS1): 1024 x 768
Using libudev for joystick management
Importing game controller configs

A window boots up for a fraction of a second and then closes.

- I am assuming this has something to do with the xrandr picking up 3 "screens". I am on a laptop with a single screen -- but there's a VIRTUAL1 screen and a VGA that I've assured are disabled by running xrandr.

- I think this may be an issue with my older hardware and unity. I'm going to run another unity game to check.


In short, my graphics card was too old.

In detail:
When I checked the Player.log file in .config/unity3d/Pixel\ Vision\ 8/Game\ Creator\ Pro/ it complained that the openGL version is out of date. It turns out the the graphics card is not compatable with OpenGL 3.2 -- which Unity games require to run.

Switched to a different computer -- no problems.

Glad to hear you were able to solve this!

Deleted post

Sorry to hear that. Linux is a bit experimental right now and I'm very much dependent on Unity's support. That being said if you can't use it at all, email me makegames at pixelvision8.com and I'll get you a refund.

Deleted post

Ok. My hope is that once I get to beta I can do more to make Linux ports stable. Unfortunately I'm really stuck with Unity's built in support until the C port becomes more stable.