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Oh but I found the combination, but when I went to use it on the doors, I didn't know what door was 1 or which one was 5. I even went back to the spot to make sure I had the right combination. 

This was a cute and fun puzzle game! I loved it! B.O.D.A was one of the cutest robots I have ever seen 

its a fun calm game, but I had a hard time getting past the doors, there is no indication as to what number they were. so I never made it to the stairs. overall its a cute game!

I wanted to make a review of this fun game for my Halloween special. I did find a fun glitch, and i enjoyed the game! I hope i did it some justice.


I loved the game and can't wait for a full version! I made a review! I hope I did this some justice.

This game was awesom! so awesome that this was the game I wanted to review first 

I hope I did it some justice!