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Sloba at Oak Launch

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Fini neki bubišoni! :)

First I want to point out that this is my first game and my first post so sorry up front if I break some rules (disclosure).

Oak Tank Test (protorype name will be changed)

Oak Tank Test a game where you play as one member of Green team and you are attacked by Blue team.
Odds are against you so you must switch tanks and find good ones to survive. All actors in this game act like that and you must prevent enemy drivers to find anoter tank by shooting them or by runing them down

  • arcade
  • randomly generated map - literally random elements in rectangular map.
  • multiple control models
  • 2 types of tanks (v0.0.2)
  • escaping the tank before it explode
  • run over enemies while they are searching for good tanks

So guys I want to know what you think of this game, since it is first of my own on this site?

You can find game here