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Ok, i have looked back in unity and it shouldn´t even be possible to adjust the volume of the Menu Voice! Weird.

Hmm, that seems to be the case for some people. Normally the volume should start at default 1 and then the volume you set it too. I am sorry, that it´s not clear!

If anyone has the same problem/s as bradley22, let me know! If further information can be given i can try and solve the issue.

I am sorry, that the game does not seem to work for you. I downloaded the game myself and it works perfectly. There must be something wrong with the file you downloaded! Maybe try reinstalling the game would solve the problem.

Uhh, i like your game! It has something that i love!

Anyway, here is my entry:

It was my first game, that i created for a game jam. It told me alot about sound design, as i decided to not use a single camera object!

You play a prisoner, that signed a contract with a malicious company called NS-Robotics, that test navigational features of Robots, that are programmed to kill! Make your way through the facility to defeat the terribly programmed AI of NS-Robotics, that leads the facility!

I apologize, if my english is not always the best!