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This is art.

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Thanks for letting me know. Sorry that the Mac version didn't get the same updates as the Windows one. I'm actually still going to improve this game, but have been busy lately so it's had to take a back seat.

I like the concept. 

The 3rd area in the wall-jump section is unnecessarily hard to get past, or I'm just bad at it.

Thanks. I am very interested in how you used the money-centric mechanic in your game. Sorry for not replying earlier. I admit that I was a bit rushed due to my work situation, and should've put more effort into the world and battles. I had to cut a ton of stuff that I wanted to use in battles particularly, and only really had time for a quick pass on the last boss, therefore he was the only one who had any sort of semi-interesting mechanics around avoiding damage.

Thanks so much for your in-depth feedback, and sorry I didn't reply earlier. I'm certainly going to update and fix some of these issues since I plan on taking this concept forward. :)

The grind to $5k gets a lot easier when you make it to the island outside Heaven Tower (after taking the airship ride from the old man on the Southeast peninsula).

Right now, the collectors don't actually show up. I had to cut that unfortunately to be able to make the jam deadline, but I want to add it back in after rebalancing. 

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing it! I'm glad you were able to get as far as you did with the less-than-optimal balance. 

Thanks for pointing out the areas that need improvement. I feel like almost all areas do need some kind of improvement. 

I'll be fixing a lot and releasing under a post-jam version after doing some more testing.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the money-themed attacks.

Sorry that my balancing efforts were less than optimal. I'm going to retool it. I definitely think that the chickens are too hard.

The gear does need to be buffed up a little, you're totally right. Originally I wanted the gear to not mean much, and mostly rely on the 2 main damage-dealing and healing skills which consume money, but for the price of the gear, it should offer more.

I wanted to keep it sort of open-world and not prevent the player from getting stuck in the next area over, but you're right and this is not great modern design.

I'll be updating it this weekend!

Thanks for playing!

 I should've made it clear where to go after Elf City. I wanted to keep it pretty light like an old NES or Gameboy RPG which was mostly open-world and did not give too many directions on what to do next, but I'll be redesigning it soon to account for bad things like this.

You're supposed to go Southeast toward the old guy who owns the airship.

The story is very good. The battles are a little slow. I'm not sure what C.A. and M.A. mean or what they do. I also liked the non-random battles with the enemy patrols. That made a lot of sense in terms of the story.

I was shocked at the ending and was not sure what to make of it. Please expand the story :)

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Looking forward to playing this more, as I'm digging the semi-comedic post-apocalyptic tone.

I wasn't able to get past the first battle. After being attached by the Slime, I got a missing asset error:

Loading Error: Failed to load: img/animations/Howl.png

Great start to a new game. 

I felt like Leo's skills were a little underpowered compared to his sword. Plus, the huntsman's skill was a little OP compared to his and Leo's attacks. Maybe this is intended?

I'm excited to see the next part of the story, and I'd like to see more character development.

It was a dream all along! Haha.

I liked how it changes from an escape-room type game, to a horror story.

However I also would've liked to see the fanatic have more than just a standard attack.

I imagined that if this game progressed, it would end up with Arina at school, maybe falling asleep during class and having to navigate her dreamscape again. I liked it!

This was pretty funny. I'd like to see more. I was pretty excited to get to the forest, but surprised by the appearance of the cloaked figure. Good first game!

What an interesting life. I'm sure Ron Gilbert would immolate under those circumstances. But wait, I couldn't even eat one sandwich? I demand a refund!

Agreeing with odris_den and Felicity Drake- I thought your use of the title split up into words leading to different passages, followed by the completion of all unlocking the ending was used well.

enjoyed my first two playthroughs and intended to play again. 

Most culturally relevant virtual pet of our time. Would try to stop him again. 10/10

Nice use of mixed graphics. Also the overall feel and sense of unknown and quirkiness really came through.

Very nice, I felt the ending note about the holy water made me want to replay it a couple more times.


Ending reminds me of The Maw.

Great job!

You Must Worship The Gary!

I had to download a GameBoy emulator to play, which I have not done in like 10 years. This is great!