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The thumbnail image could probably use some reworking. I'm personally not too bothered by it, and I actually appreciate some games that shock, but I cannot imagine how jarring this could be for somebody who has been affected by sh, just looking for chill Playdate games to see on their feed.

Happy Birthday and thank you!

I spent a long time at the end flying around trying to get somewhere and hearing the music change. It was a nice break in the frantic gameplay for the majority of the game. I love this. 

-slime from mangotronics

I feel like the GB library was lacking a narrative path-based adventure like this, and I also liked the type face and arrangement of the text.

I've gazed long into the Becker abyss and the abyss gazed back into me.

The physics are very satisfying- up there with Bionic Commando and Umihara Kawase. Love it!

Ah unfortunately this has been a slow process that I haven't made much progress on since other projects have come up. Turns out working on porting 2 other games is keeping me occupied heh. But I do intend to do some more work in Pulp probably around December when I have a week freed up. Feel free to add me on Discord or Mastodon. I'd be happy to offer some advice or brainstorm with you on porting pieces over.

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Sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with the files. Looks like there are some more in v0.3 that weren't exported :( 




...this is just in the windows .zip version I think. The web version seems to be working. 

Also I realized I've just been posting bugs, so I want to say that I really do like the game and the theme, especially the way that the mycelial network is used in this world.

Found a couple bugs where files were missing, and I was able to copy-paste and rename files to work around them:

  • img\characters\mycilsprite3.png
  • audio\se\Magic4.ogg
  • audio\se\Powerup.ogg
  • img\animations\StateUp1.png

O! My second attempt was a little better :)

Let's go Throttling Earthquake! Daddy needs a new pair of... (loses 3:1)

speedrun time, let's go!

Been meaning to play this for a long while and I'm glad I finally did. And I say this as a fan of the blue bomber. This game rocks!

Very cool and complete and lots of nice interactions.

I wasn't able to navigate the menus using the interact/sweep keys though, and it was not clear how to exit the game or if a save was created. 

Hope you're still working on it- I'll definitely play it again!

The flow is really good, and I didn't feel like I was getting lost since the natural level design is well executed. Really nice lighting for the mood, and I was really hoping there was more when the demo was over. Thank you!

I had to press Spacebar. It looks like it crashes, but will load.

Very dream-like and meditative. Spoilers?: I touched some fire and died. I also found a nice painting on top of a central tower. I ran around and swung a sword at the air, and maybe killed something?

I had a blast. :)

very satisfying grapple mechanic and beautiful game.

Very nice! Reminds me a little of Gauntlet.

Great game! I found a bug where after filling 9 squares- the tooltip telling me to replace a block with grass stays up. It looks like it happens when upgrading right when the tooltip is about to display maybe. It goes away after I go to the hivemind core and mouse over any grayed out upgrade.

Wonderful NES/classic FF1 aesthetic!

Really nice. Looking forward to the continuation!

Perfect. My only problem that I think needs fixing is that I frequently find myself miss-clicking on my desktop, losing window focus mid-jump in windowed mode.

Very cool. I like the chess variant and the mechanics being straight-forward from the beginning, augmented by the game progression.

I was today years old when I learned about a lot of cool games from ChoiceBeat #6.

I really enjoyed the narrative and thought it was executed perfectly.

Now I finally have the answer to the question: what does a yoda sound like when thrown into an industrial shredder. Thank you.

This is rad. However, it seems like the mouse drifts to the right.

You can tell a lot of love and effort went into the rendering in the illustrations. Also the VOs and music sounds great.

Good game. I figthed til the end, but all I got was some friends.

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Nice Simon-esque rhythm game style battle engine.  Great screen transitions and direction to the art and cutscenes. It's very cohesive as a whole, and I was impressed by the narrative story telling without any text. I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into the art and how it was framed in sequence and on-screen.

Wow. The subject matter is very dark in a way I didn't think was possible. The decisions I made felt like they had weight, and as the story progressed I was drawn into it more and more. 

With just a bit of polish (sprite resizing, adjusting camera angles, pulling back on walking and chain shaking sound effects) this could enhance the game beyond great and into best, IMO. 

I really appreciated the movie reference too, as a fellow fan of classic horror.

I love the vector art-style graphics, and the simple design.  Great concept too. I think I got both endings. 

Also, just a funny coincidence, but I love how the intro starts similarly to my entry.

I love the character design. Feels like there's a lot of weight especially when I get hit and knocked down by the big sword-wielding robots.

Nice short and sweet, traditional RPG with a good battle system and a very short narrative arc that still works and respects my time. Give it a try! Easy mode is great for a quick playthrough.