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good to hear! the game's definitely not supposed to be easy. i'll have a discord server up soon where you can discuss solutions / get help on stuff if needed. glad you're enjoying it!

this is pretty neat! I can't believe you could have implemented a graph isomorphism algorithm without it getting pretty nasty though, so props for that!

this was seriously hilarious, really good work

this is really cool!

PLEASE READ: If you downloaded this in the first half hour or so after submission ended, I had the wrong .zip file uploaded and it skipped to the sandbox. If you play it now, it'll go through introducing each part in order.

glad you liked it! i may be updating it in the future so keep an eye out!

there's a judge choice and a community choice iirc.

If you're stuck at the vat of liquid, go left. People have been stuck there, there's a hidden path a lot of people miss.

the submission deadline ends in ~ 7 hours if you want to rush and submit!

it should say on the jam page. at least, it does on the desktop app.

Thanks a ton!! I'm definitely gonna be fixing that hitbox issue, I've had a lot of comments about that. As for puzzle elements those are going to be added as I flesh out more levels :D thanks for the rating!

Hey, I just released my first game, Slime Alchemy! It's part of the Slime Jam that's been going on over the past week or so. I had a ton of fun making it, and it's out right now for free!

It's a platformer and has three decently long levels, lasting around 15 minutes total. You collect three rings that give your character some abilities that affect the course of the level you play. I'm going to be working on expanding what the third ring does and adding a bunch more levels soon. Give it a try! Any feedback is appreciated, I've got a ton and I'm going to be putting out updates to fix some things (ie difficulty of vertical jumps). Hope you all enjoy!!

Go left. Look for another path.

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That's intentional! It is really hard though.

really cool! i played through to the end, gotta say I actually had forgotten it was a prototype and that it was jarring when it just ended. i'd definitely like to see this finished though, really cool spin on the whole cookie-clicker type incremental game with discovering stuff about your surroundings.

no prob! another minor thing, this definitely feels like an arcade style game, so I think in normal mode there should be a one key shortcut to start another game.

this is cute! i feel like the emotion meter should have some sort of auditory response to it, because it took me a decent amount of time to even get past the tutorial. I'm hardly able to aim at any of the balls. RIP.  i love the idea and animations though, fun lil game!