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It seems that the devs are focusing on finishing the game, getting it out of early access, for windows and once that's done they might release a macOS version. But this will likely not come about anytime soon, at least not within this year since the game has already been worked on for at least 5 years yet it's still in early access.

Usually the releases or updates occur at least once a month

yeah it works for bit, try using the launcher if you're still having problems.

Idk if this helps, but on Windows, you can do what the other person said, you can use an extractor. Either before or after the file has been extracted(I don't exactly remember) it'll probably ask you where you want to extract the file to, choose an easy place to access(idk make a new, specific folder in the Downloads folder or something), then go to that folder after the download has finished and run the application. It'll most likely be in .exe format, which is what you're looking for.

Now, if that seems to complicated for you then you can use the Itch desktop app. It runs similarly to the ones for Steam or Epic Games and it should run most games you download through it, without the added hassle of having to extract any files. You can download it on and it's free.  It's essentially a launcher. Hope that helped.

the flashlight turns on automatically when you go underground such as when you 're doing the restore power quest in the power plant