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sleep thief

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better than my first game, great job!

great art and animations, the random level generation really helped keep the horror vibe. This is a solid jam entry, 10/10.  

Great game, it was eerie and immersive.

great graphics!

nice game design, challenging but fun

I like the pixel art,  the game idea is cool, and the music fits the vibe. The only problem for me is that you can't move left and right the you're on the ground, but that's just my opinion.

the animations are really cool, and the game design is great. the only thing that could make it better was some art for the ground, but that's not as important as the characters and animations, which are perfect. 

The game was great, and I loved the ending. The game design was better than a lot of the games I've played so far.

great job!

really fun game.

great story

Great game design, simple but fun. One of my favorites the I've played yet.

I wish I could download but I’m on a Mac.

Great game, all the animations are smooth.

Thanks for the feedback! 

very well polished game