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I have now slept with the dude in bar. does he appear again at all for me to interact with him please and where do you find the other guy with purple hair sorry don't know names thanks.

Thank you for answering.

the barmaid mentions the a guy in the pub but did not get to interact with him as he left with someone else does my popularity hav to b at a certain level. if not how do you sleep wiyh him even once please.

 What the right answer  for the decision Tocchan has to make to get happy ending.

what is the best place to take tocchan on a date as what i choose is low scoring in hearts.

how can u hav a good date with toochan every time I try it not go well.

where is the best place to take toochan on a date that he likes.

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I got to the first love seen with Shiba and after the first act when they hop in shower it came up with exception has occurred and wont let me reload.

I downloaded the itch app on to my computer. once I install it will Shiba route be on it. 

can shiba route now be played and what do I need to do to get it or is it automatically on my brought game. Thks

I mean even to start it to a certain point.

Are you able to start play on the Shiba or shibusawa route at all. Thks

I know you might be sick of people asking but does anyone know the latest update on characters. I don't know where to find it on twitter to keep updated.

I have just brought the game bue when i try to download my anti virus on my computer keeps saying not safe and deleting the files.

Just wondering is there  any talking from characters in the game or is it just music.

I have been to the love hotel all i could buy was costumes and condoms.

Thank you and one other thing where do you get toys from for foreplay mode. I think you have done a great job on game.

Does anyone no how or when you get Hikaru phone number so u can go out on dates.

I tried reloading it but it keeps happening at the same spot. What can i do it is on the April fools day.

How do u get a relationship with Toru as I am with him but my relationship is only up to crush I call him and go dates a lot also visit him and I am on December calandar is the a way to trigger events to get up the events early.

How will I know when the new characters routes are ready to play. Like to toshiyuki or Shiba routes please.

Do you i need to speak to someone to get it. Because I have brought and read all books in bookstore no new ones have appeared I am up to 16 May

could someone please let me know what u have to do to get energetic up for auditions.