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I can still see all the ones I've unlocked and play the scenes. Hope yours gets fixed, that was one of my major worries too!

Woo hoo! Thanks for all your hard work!   At first I wasn't sure about the Japanese, but since the whole game is so Japanese-themed, I think it ends up working well. :D

Yay! If you think to, tell me when you do so I can link others to it - and with you, I'll actually have a name to give credit to. :D

Congrats on your successful ending! :D 

Oh, it's not my walkthrough, sorry if it sounded like that - I don't know what marvellous person made it! You can request access to edit the file and add things though, so it's worth a try. They'd probably be happy to get more input.  If not, making a second document or a gameFAQ would be great - I'm sure future fans would thank you!

Yeah, the fanbook is going to be great! Between that and waiting for the voices, I feel like I'm going to have reasons to go back and play this game again and again.

Glad you figured it out! I hope the next playthrough gets you the guy of your dreams. :D

Hi there!  If you have any specific questions on what to do, you can ask here and someone will usually help. I'll help if I can - I've romanced everybody by now, lol.  

The biggest tip that helped me move guys from friends to crush and lovers is to date them to raise their heart level, but visit them at every place during the week and - crucially - at every location. There's lots of scenes that won't unlock until you meet some criteria of heart level, but the scenes are location locked and only go in order. So, for example, if your next scene with Toru is at the park but you're only visiting him at another location, your relationship will never progress.

For more general help, here's a fanmade guide with help with auditions and things:

You need to get the scene with him in the office where he asks for help making a decision and then choose the right option, otherwise it's bad ending city, sadly. If you didn't get the scene and your relationship is maxed, go back to an earlier save and visit him in the VA office constantly until you get it. Good luck!

You need to feed all the cats and dogs for the shrine maiden, but then choose to keep your wish for later. Then talk to the guy again and you'll get the option to use your wish to get him a boyfriend.  If you've already used your wish, you're sadly out of luck... as I was my first few playthroughs. ;)

That's not how you get the sextoy from the tv guy - for that you have to talk to the security guard in the movie theater. It unlocks around May, I think.

I suspect strongly that it has to do with Fundashi but that nobody can get it yet because they accidentally put his birthday on a day when you couldn't go see him - if so, I'm looking forward to it! :D

Shiba is max VA skills, and it is indeed helpful... though perhaps less so if you've done Hikaru, since then you don't need to do any auditions at all if you don't want to!   Toru is max charm, intelligence, and affection.  :)

In terms of why you can't get the NPC quest, it's because of something weird in the game - this drove me crazy until I finally figured it out.  Here's what's happening - he gives you a job that'll happen on April (I think) 21st. To stop you getting the job after the date has passed, the code must check that the month is before April and the date is before the 21st.  However, because it checks them both at the same time, the quest is unavailable every month from the 21st on.  

TLDR: You can only try and get that quest before the 21st of the month.

Yeah, superstar is the one you need, I believe.  You can only check fame points during a recording, when it's added to your total.  Good luck, I hope you get it!

Always make him dominant in bed - basically all that means is that when the red heart shows up at the right to initiate the sex, don't do it and keep teasing him until he initiates it. For what it's worth, it took me about seven times of doing that for Fundashi to start reporting him as dominant.

No worries, I'm with you - I missed a scene with Shuu and an adorable cat, and every day I think about going back and playing it through just to get that scene, lol.

It was definitely after the fan meeting with Tocchan as your lover - just went back and checked my save. I too was the subbiest of bottoms, at that point having 0% in-charge and 0% top. It happens after the meeting - you demand a reward for your good behavior, and the reward you want is office sex. As you do. :D

There's two at the office - the spanking one and then another one. If it's the second one, it's after the fan meeting - you get two different scenes depending on whether you mostly top or mostly bottom.

500 fame or more to win the award.  I usually prioritize auditions over the guy, because I'm always paranoid that I won't hit that level, and usually I end up with much more than I need and still get all the guy's scenes. I always make sure to get all the auditions before the holiday, which sets you up nicely for the rest of the game.  Hope that helps!

With what? If it's an addiction to playing this game, I'm right there with you and can't help. Anything else, I'll try!  :)

You get that option by visiting him a lot at the office.  And when I say a lot, I mean a lot - you need to get maybe six or seven unique scenes there, and have seen them all and have full heart to get it.  That said, I got the bad ending the first time and just had to restore a couple of weeks, drop everything else, and visit him everyday at the office to get it - so it's definitely still fixable, even at the end!  

Actually, if you know which scene you saw with him in the office last I could tell you how many you have to go... because I got a little obsessive that run and wound up counting them. XD

lol! Okay, that should be on his official character page.  :D

Non-spoiler Answer: It'll make it pretty clear if you pick the wrong one, which is nice.

Spoiler Answer: Ask him what he wants to do!  Otherwise, prepare for depression...

Didn't encounter it today, but it happened to me last week - I lost all my cgs and saved scenes. Luckily, since I'm a saved game hoarder, I was able to get almost all of them back.  It happened after the game crashed rather than exiting normally, so I just figured I'd somehow reset the persistent values.  Sorry it happened to you too.  :(

Hurray, glad it worked! Always happy to help out a fellow sub bottom Haato lover. :D

I went the bottom route for Haato too, though I made an exception for Toru so I don't know the exact details, but for Shuu it took about seven times for him to change from sub to dom.   Is Toru still a sub according to Fundashi after seven times? 

I do think it's all down to numbers - so if Toru's a bottom to start with and you've had him bottom seven times, it may take a lot of topping to get him up there.  One way to do it might be to take the initiative in foreplay but choose to bottom until you get him to top, then never take the initiative again... might work.  I don't think not inviting him helps at all, sadly. I tried that with Shuu, and he never called me no matter how toppy he was.

Oh, but if you skip the foreplay you can choose your position directly - so you could just choose to be a submissive bottom for the first seven or so times and then see if that gets him to where you want him. I think that still affects the statistics.

Hope that helps! :)

Ah, very sorry to give you misinformation!  Had that from my friend when I asked for tips when I started his route, but I hadn't tested it myself. I just went through Christmas a few hours ago and got the same reply as you... but then I went back and tried a few of the other presents (chocolate and t-shirt) and got the same lackluster reply. So Toru is just picky now maybe.   Odd, given his personality otherwise.  I mean, he flips over a used t-shirt from Haato. :D

...actually, it makes sense if it's a glitch, because there are only five presents, and I know for sure that Shuu and Shiba and Tocchan like the ones I said, so if Hikaru likes the shirt that would leave only the game console. Appreciate my gift, Toru! *shakes fist*

Partial list: Game console for Toru, I think. Necktie for Tocchan, planner for Shuu, best chocolate for Shiba.  Haven't done Hikaru yet, sorry.

Ah, I forgot the two-faced guy!  Yes, a hundred times him. And the butler making his lover/master get married. *sobs*  Frankly, all of them.  Meyaoi said that one of the auditions gives you a follow-up if you do perfectly, and I am obsessed with finding that.

Biggest difference I've noticed is how often doms take initiative - sub Shuu did it every six or so actions I took, dom Shuu about every one or two. I agree that there's little difference - I was really hoping that once they were dom there'd be more or different actions they took, including using whatever toys or costumes I had.  On the other hand, making them dominant usually unlocks a few very hot scenes with CGs, so I'll take that. :)

Ah, Shuu - my first love.  :)

On the last page, top right - I don't have that one either, so I know it's one you only get if you don't have a pet and keep visiting Shuu during the days. I've seen the pic, and it's adorable.

On the second page, the one on the right I got by having him be dominant - and apparently had sex with him a few times, I remember seeing the developer comment here - and using my mouth on his penis three times in a row.  The one on the right, I got by having him top our first time. Don't know if you get it otherwise.

Hope that helps!

All right, on my fourth playthrough and here's my real complaint about this game: I want to watch all the animes!  Shy crossdressing boy? Sign me up. Inexplicable cat ears? Yes, please.  Hot vampire versus unimpressed waiter? I'll take that too. Imaginary friend? What's going on there?

Seriously, every time I play through the auditions I get totally hooked on the little stories and feel an almost physical jolt when it cuts off.  I have suggestions for your next twenty-so games, Meyaoi Games. :D

You need affection to unlock/complete some quests. Off the top of my head, there's the girl in the bookstore and the bear in the love hotel.

I don't approve of his behavior... but I've dealt with enough kids and teenagers to totally understand it. Closed-mouth cousin kissing (say that ten times fast!) would have been something that my aunt (who used to run a shelter) would have 100% taken over drug taking, promiscuity, running away, self-harm, etc, with the kids she looked after. Heck, there were a pair of orphaned half-siblings there when I was younger, around 14-15, who briefly told everyone they were dating - and kissed lightly to prove it - because they had literally nobody else and were deeply paranoid that either one of them dating someone else would mean losing their last remaining family. Squicky to watch? Yep. Did she kick them out of the shelter? Nope.

Too long response, sorry!  But I'm 95% on team Haato here, and hoping social services at some point had some sharp questions for that family - they don't like it when you misplace a kid. ;)

Maybe the landlord got sick of all the rest of us trying to sneak out, so he cracked down on you in your game. XD

I had it right from the start - just checked my January 10th save, and it's there.  You just can't leave until you're Known... but you get a funny visit with your landlord, which makes it more satisfying when you can leave. :D

That's true, I'd forgotten about the kiss. I guess it would have bothered me more if he'd been awake, but since he was asleep I took it as a hopeless gesture - but then, my brother once climbed a tree outside his crush's window at that age and sat there all night watching her... and they were third cousins.  I probably have a high tolerance for slightly creepy behavior. :D

Also, I just hated the way the family reacted so much that they're firmly in the bad guy role in my mind, lol.

It didn't bother me because nothing happened between them - Haato was an unhappy teenager who got a crush on the only person being nice to him. It's not like the cousin had any interest in him or Haato ever tried to do something. It disturbed me more how Haato ended up basically on the streets after that. :(

There's a little arrow in the bottom left that shows up at night - although not during Sundays or holidays.  :)

Here you go:

Shiba: XXL, Shuu: XL, Tocchan: L, Hikaru: M,Toru: S

My friend just told me he takes you to the amusement park!  Oh, I'm so hoping at some point he unlocks as a full dateable character.  I know it's not likely, but fingers crossed! :D

I believe you buy it in the hotel at night like the other costumes, but it only shows up after you get the first scene where you're thinking about it. I think it was 20,000 or so.  :)