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Really cute game. I think it would be a fun little experience for my niece when she can learn to read on her own and understands what a choose-your-adventure story is (she's just started kindergarten). I like that there are a couple of different endings and things to explore, it gives the story a bit more depth and texture.

I'm not able to start the game since it's not detecting that I'm pressing 2. This may be because I have a keyboard that uses layers (QMK) and my 2 key is on the second layer - it's activated when I press the Fn key followed by a particular alphanumeric key.

Standard edition:

Collector's edition:

Those scene transitions blew me away, bitsy is so versatile.

"Look! It's a RANDOM." Lol, indeed it is. Fun use of the avatar and nested shuffles.

I really wish this was downloadable! I love this game and want to play it offline.

Is there a way that I can play the game offline or without visiting this page? Would love to keep a copy for when I don't have internet or if itch ever goes down.