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Thanks you for playing! Hope you had a good time.

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the kind words!

We are aware of this issue and are releasing a fix soon! Thank you for letting us know.

oh no! looks like something broke when we added the settings menu. We are still working on the game and releasing an update in the near future! Thank you for playing.

Thank you for covering our game! we loved the video.

Thank you for playing

U can get the second key by sneaking around and then throw a limb at the button above the second key.

Thank u for playing!

Thank you for playing! 

Thank you for playing!

thanks for the kind words!

your project looks promising.

Thank u for playing!

We just published a new build featuring quality settings / bug fixes and many more!

we are going to update the download file soon. :)

Thanks for paying and the kind words!

Hi there! we are more than happy with the pack! do let us know what u think of our entry :)

thanks for giving it a try!

Thanks for playing! No further development is planned in the near future.

thanks for playing and the kind words!