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He said--(hopefully) by the end of this month.             Oh man i am going nutz COMPLETELY INSANE with anticipation!!

Guys (and gals), if you enjoy this game you should really buy Rob Colton's books also! They're awesome! Hopefully they could inspire some future games and VNs.

I bought and tried version 8.0 on Windows and Android. On Windows: it freezes during the fight tutorial, on Android: it freezes at the load screen right after the fight tutorial.

I love all the routes so far!! Can't  wait to play Nasir's Route. Ive been checking 2 times a day for updates😬He's my favorite (except for when he's a cunt on Kol's route lol, but it adds  to the story). This is the best VN I've played yet. Shh, dont tell the other Devs on itch 😆. I also can't wait to see your future VNs. Thankyou Rob Colton and team! 

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When is the uncensored patch or apk going to be available for android?