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Somehow good level design and touching story. It wasnt just spikes and platforming, you lied. All these pannels are neither of those >:(.
One critique though is that camera. Sometimes it places itself at the worst space, before a moving platform or at the edge of a pannel so you can't read the message.
Maybe it was meant to be this way, to add an artistic feel to the cam placement etc, I dunno.
Anyway, great game.

On peut pas gagner. Remboursé.

@stuartlangridge If you want to try out every level without having to pass through everyone, you may use the Konami Kode (Up Up Down Down Left RIght Left Right B A). It will unlock a level selector. Also, there is no sound made by the ' "fire dots into the air" triangles'. I think what you're talking about is the SlowMo Sound not perfectly looping which creates a small variation in the sound which can be misunderstood.

Thanks :D


Yeah, that's the case. I'm using Construct 2 and in the game's parameters, the game is 64*64 in its resolution and objects can't be drawn between pixels.

The only things that bend the rules are the camera effects, the player that is slightly smaller and the minimap.

I think I'll set a switch that will allow you to change between 100% rule respect and slightly bent mode.

Next update should be coming soon.

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Yeah. Sorry about that. I'm going to redo his sprites to fit the grid. (The minimap isn't either, but I can't do anything about it ^^)