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Ah sorry about that! Haha yeah the game was unfinished so a lot of the routes led to that. I'm really happy you liked it! I definitely want to go back to it sometime soon. Thank you for playing!! <3 <3

Ah, thank you so much for playing/liking it! Yeah, I really should have at least changed the background color to make it more accessible. I definitely want to continue doing it, I just wanted to do the writing first, but I got so caught up in that I forgot to do anything else, haha. Anyways, thank you! :)

Haha! I love the name. Good luck!!

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Got it fixed! I just had to restart my computer, which was weird, but if it works, cool. Thank you!

And nice! What's your game gonna be about?

Replied to fluffy in Music

Thanks for the link!! And yeah, I was hoping to have like 2-3 songs (one for the introduction, one for the mission they go on, and one for the ~sexy times~). You'd definitely be credited, haha! Do you have skype/discord so we can talk more there?

Created a new topic Twine issue?

Hi all I'm making a game with Twine for this jam, and for some reason every time I try to playtest it says 'there was an error in publishing your story ()"?? Does anyone know what's going on? It was working fine earlier this week when I had to export one of my older projects (I even tried it again with that one, and it didn't work).

Also, just curious, is anyone else making a Twine game? :D

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That'd be so cool! (Does Twine allow for music to be played during different sections?) And would you want compensation? :D

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I'm doing a dating sim of the main characters from my comic, Terminal Z! There'll be two main routes with a lot of endings (I think a month is a good amount of time for that.) I'm new to making games, and I've done Twine games before, so I thought to keep it simple while I build my skill set. :D The skill I'm gonna focus on developing for this game is pixel art!

If I end up getting bored by a Twine game though or wanting to do something more snazzy, I might make a Ren'Py game instead.