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The avoidance mechanics are neat. I was surprised the first time I died due to the car moving unexpectedly; made me re-evaluate how quickly I needed to respond to the obstacles being thrown in my path. Cool stuff! I do wish there was an input to swing your weapon on the keyboard, though.

Good stuff! It took me a second to realize I needed to align on the building, but once I figured that out, it was great.

Hey! Thanks for the comment! You got stuck for good reason, actually -- right now, the game abruptly ends. Right there. 

So congratulations, you beat the game! I plan on developing the other two areas, so if you enjoyed the story so far, keep a look out for updates.

Oh, and I totally wanted to do music, but I fought against the engine (Twine) I was using for a good number of hours as I was using custom functionality that killed my ability to do integrated music. Eventually I just gave up because of the time constraints. Definitely gonna revisit that.