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The download is indeed for the music, yep! the game only supports in-browser play so this definitely isn't intentional.

If anyone's checking back - the game will be up on this evening (MST). Thanks for your patience!

Quitting at 10% is valid, and as long as you've read the game description, I think you got the full experience. The absurd length of the game is very much intentional.

Wishing Andy a healthy recovery from his carpal tunnel <3

The game is just played with the mouse; moving it around, left clicking, the whole shebang! The items on the top floor are your upgrade buttons. It's an idle game so the monkeys just kinda do their own thing. And by "own thing" I mean "generate surplus value for the bourgeoisie" (that's you!).

Hope this helps!

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Alas, art imitates life 😔

The music's an original piece that just samples Diddy Kong from Donkey Kong Country (this clip specifically). I just added the raw .wav file as a download, too in case you're interested.

8% is definitely further than I assumed most people would make it! The absurd length was definitely part of the joke, but I'll take this into account for the next project. Thanks!

Incredibly late update, but for anyone reading in the future: this is fixed in the most recent builds (first update in like, 3 years :P). It adds a QUIT command which should work on all downloadable platforms.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Sorry, this is one of my older games! Alt+F4 will close the game (or Alt+Tab to switch to another window and close from there). I was considering pushing a few tiny fixes sometime soon; if I do I'll be sure to add a proper quit command.

Fixed! Thanks for the heads-up, I forgot to check for some punctuation. Sorry about the trouble!

This is such an fantastic idea for a puzzle game. I loved the ways the characters interacted; it gave me a couple of "aha!" moments that were delightful.

Very, very cool system. Unfortunately I wasn't able to progress past the door after the two spike pits, but the concept of the point-of-sight being separate from the player is just fantastic and the little platforming section at the beginning totally sold me on the idea.

This brought me back to my Age of Empires days, when I was a child and I yearned to kill all opposition to my mighty rule. Great music, and a super cool concept that was very satisfying once I got a strategy down. Y'all did a great job on this one.

Great atmosphere and a solid concept. My only criticisms would be that I wish there was a preview of the red dot's area when it was deactivated. This definitely has a lot of potential though if you'd ever consider expanding on it - I could see this making a really solid puzzle game with a few more mechanics.

Oh yeah, I've been running into this with some games as well since Firefox updated last week. This fixed it for me, hope it helps:

Super fun and really well-executed! I especially love the sense of progression an exploration the game goes on - collecting the larger objects in the ship was incredibly satisfying.

Hey, sorry for the late reply! In fifth username is a pretty goofy spelling of "Goldfish": it has a '0' (zero) in place of the 'O' and a '$' in place of both the 'i' and the 's', so the username is "G0ldf$h". Hopefully it was just a typo, since that would have given you the error you described, if not please do let me know. I hope that didn't stop you from enjoying the game though, thanks for pushing through and finding a way around it!

Password guessing is definitely in the spirit of the game, so I was actually hoping someone would do this. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the kind words! I checked the files and it looks like I made a typo, so the file you needed just wasn't showing up. It should be fixed now, thanks for letting me know.