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tysm !!!! :>

Tyyyy :)))

ok i fixed it, i thought it was kinda complex to but it wasn't and was just me being dumb lol, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for bringing it to my attention :))

Hi sorry! I'll try to fix that issue. Idk what could be causing it and I don't have a steam deck to try it on, but I'll try to see what I could do. Also sorry for the late-ish response too

i have a crippling alcohol problem

fake fan

real lore

Thanks for playing :>

This is so cool i love it!! awesome job and thanks so much for playing :)

Thank you so much!! I thought about implementing a slide but i cut back on it lol

Thanks for playing!! Very cool drawings too, im glad you enjoyed it

I have! Iove kings field and shadow tower too. Damp was inspired by shadow tower and daggerfall heavily. Thanks for playing this and also thanks for playing my old bad game lol.

Oh I'm really sorry about that :( I still haven't found a cause for it, and everything is working fine on my end. If you could send a video of the problem then that would help a lot, you don't have too if it's too much work. You could dm it to me on twitter if you do. :>

It is beatable, just a bit tight with the timing and its not explained that well, Im sorry. You probably just were too late and when picking up the mask and holding it. There's a sound que of a slithering sound when he's in the room, and you have enough time to turn around fumble with the masks, get the right one, and hold it on his face until he leaves. If the timing is right, you have the right mask, and you still die then it might bug that I don't know of. I'll try and do some further testing to see if I can find out of it is.

there's 3 knocking sounds, the first being 1 knock, 2nd being 2, and 3rd being 3. after the 3rd, the door opens. there is a lot of time in-between that, so if the face appears you can get up, deal with him, and go back to hide again.

Ive updated the game to make the sound ques, like the knocking, louder. Added a tip for when to hide, objective list at the top left corner when you're done cleaning and are picking up your stuff to leave, and made it so the cursor highlights when over an object you can interact with. The sound ques were there, I just made them quiet so sorry about that, but hopefully they are a bit more noticeable now. also did some small balancing changes and made of the faces more obvious to tell what emotion it is.

sorry but idk if thats something i can fix?? i have no experience with that

You have to hide before she opens the door, there's knocking sound ques that will let you know how close she is go opening the door. sorry I should've explained that and a lot of other things better in the game


Wow! Love the gameplay and the music and the graphics and the music :)

thanks :>

Great game!!!! my only complaint is that is has pixel graphics in 2019, the graphics should look more like that new halo infinite or call of duty

i just rated your game 5 star like you said its so funny

this is the best asmr i've ever heard and this is the only asmr i've listened to

it showed for me when I beat the last level the second time.

epic :0 i do hope slime dude is safe too

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I knew nothing on how to program at  all and doing this really helped me out. Don't asked why I joined when I had no clue on how to basic functions for a game; it was 1:00am and I was really cocky at that time.