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You can only hold up to 5 batteries, if you want to use one just press Q.  Hope this helps.

Awesome! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it :

Thanks! It isn't everyday that my game is compared with one of the greatest horror games!

Thanks, and great video! Amnesia was the initial inspiration for the game. It is nice to know that I have been successful in creating a tone similar to Amnesia.

Thanks. It is great to hear that you are enjoying the game!

Nice video! Thanks for trying out the game. And yes, some of the puzzles are a little hard. However, I have successfully implemented a save and load feature which will come out in the next update which will help in completing the game.


It is great to hear that you enjoyed the game! Your video was also very entertaining despite the language difference. Thanks again!

Hmm, that is strange behaviour I haven't heard of that happening before. Is any of the buttons working? Also the buttons that are not working do they change colour when you hover atop them? You may need to reinstall, however if it still does not work you might have to wait until my next update which should not be too long from now. Thanks for the feedback it helps a ton in finding these strange bugs!

Thanks for playing the game! Great video by the way, unfortunate that you were unable to finish. Hopefully, I will release an update introducing a save mechanic so that it does not have to be completed in a single sitting.

Thanks again!

Thanks for playing the game! I will have to try it with google cardboard.

Thanks again!

That is strange that is first time I have heard of that happening. I will look into it and if the re-download did not work you might have to wait until my next update.

Thanks for the feedback it really helps me find these obscure bugs.

It is great to hear that you enjoyed the game! At the moment I have been working on fixing the random bugs. Hopefully most of them will be gone soon.

Thanks again!

Thanks for playing the game! Your video was very enjoyable to watch, keep up the great videos.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback! It really helps in finding those bugs. Your idea of having a single save per level is interesting. It made me think of games in which saving can only be done at particular objects however, maybe I could add an item which allows you to save. Therefore, it will encourage exploration at the same time.  In the next update  I should have all the bugs you listed fixed to the best I can. I also plan to add a settings section in the pause menu which will show the controls as well other settings such as sensitivity, gamma etc.

Thanks again for the feedback, have a nice day!

It is great to hear that you enjoyed the game!!! It is these comments that really motivate me to continue development. Thanks :)

Could you please send a screenshot so I can see how dark it really is. It may just be your monitor brightness. 

However, you do give me an idea, next update I will probably work on a 'settings' feature, which will contain a slider for gamma (brightness) . 

Thanks for letting me know!

Hey CjuGames,

It is great to hear that you enjoyed the game. Your video was very entertaining to watch and I ended up getting stuck watching a bunch of your other videos! Amnesia was my main inspiration for the game and as you noticed most of my audio is from that game, the reason being I have no way to record my own sounds in high quality. However,  I am still considering whether to continue the game into further development if I do I'm planning to replace every sound with my own recordings.

Thanks again!