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This is one of the scariest games I've played! At first I thought, "It'd be scarier if the monster had a louder sound," but then I realized that it's even scarier the way that it is because you can barely tell if it's about to get you! I couldn't do it all in one playthrough, very scary!!!

"Trello is 1,000% Gangster and likes long walks on the beach.  I always "Swipe Right" for Trello. FYI." LOL! It's cool seeing your Trello board as you develop the game! Maybe I should try using it again.... haha. Good work on this update guys! 

Thanks! :D Yeah... I think there's a bug with the web player where the keys/controls stick :?

Thanks dude! If you feel like there's anything in the game that could be improved, or any bugs that you want fixed, just let me know and I can push a patch :)

That was wonderful!

Wow, nice! I think I've only got to ~level 16 or so, so you did pretty good!

This looks great! I like the atmosphere you've created; I can easily get a sense of it with the music and the screenshots put together. Do you mind if I ask what software you used to make the music?