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Maybe it's an idea to release it in its current form and update it later on :) in any case, keep up the good work, your art is amazing!

Is it likely that this will be released in 2018? :)

can't wait! Looks like one of the best pixel assets so far.

Looks really cool. I love the style and colour choice. The bachground with the blue houses, is that cropped? I really hope the buildings have a base, otherwise you can only use it for a fourth floor balcony view. If they do have the ground floor, then you can use it as a background while walking in the streets and such. It would also be really cool to have some outside castle tiles, like balconies, pillars, balustrades, arches, etc. Looks amazing though, can't wait!

Hi, love your assets! I was wondering if I could use (or purchase) that brown blob you have on your itchio home page? Thank you!

Hi, I would love to buy this, but a... non-topless version? Do you have an email address where I could contact you?