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I don't understand the limits either. The code editor in TIC80 still counts each character as a token, and doesn't specify where the limit may be. I have no idea what "64k of compressed data" means in practice.

Ah! Thanks.

Is there a way to quit a game and go back to main menu? I couldn't find any key for that?

(There could be a suicide key. :p)

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Puzzles aren't much my cup of tea, but lighting is. :) And I have to say I'm impressed by the game (and with what went into the lighting -- I read the articles, and I'll read them again because I like stealthy shadowy games ).

But what's drawing my attention the most right now is your character. I've been struggling with animations (and pixel art) a lot and have been trying to figure out ways around that. If only I could with very subtle animations make characters that don't look static... Maybe you did it for different reasons, but you managed to make a very simplistic animation for your character and yet it works just perfectly. And it's a really cute character too. 

I wonder if that would be something you could write about in your blogs as well?

As for the lighting, I find it a bit heavy (well my windows is slow as hell too), but I also find the flickering a bit too abrupt. I wonder if slowing down the flickering wouldn't also reduce the performance issues? (I'm not asking you to change your game, I'm just wondering that.)

Alright cool man, thanks.

Doesn't seem to work.

"attempt to index a nil value (global 'debug')"

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Warp, as in placing the mouse cursor at to the opposite side of the screen when it goes off the screen on either side. 

I tried doing it with poke() but it doesn't work.

if mx < 0 then  poke(0xff84, 239)
elseif mx >= 240 then poke(0xff84, 0) end            -- tried with "mx >= 239" too, to be sure
if my < 0 then  poke(0xff85, 135)
elseif my >= 136 then poke(0xff85, 0) end

It does change the values in the RAM but has no actual effect on the mouse position.

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Would make it a bit easier to debug.