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Puzzles aren't much my cup of tea, but lighting is. :) And I have to say I'm impressed by the game (and with what went into the lighting -- I read the articles, and I'll read them again because I like stealthy shadowy games ).

But what's drawing my attention the most right now is your character. I've been struggling with animations (and pixel art) a lot and have been trying to figure out ways around that. If only I could with very subtle animations make characters that don't look static... Maybe you did it for different reasons, but you managed to make a very simplistic animation for your character and yet it works just perfectly. And it's a really cute character too. 

I wonder if that would be something you could write about in your blogs as well?

As for the lighting, I find it a bit heavy (well my windows is slow as hell too), but I also find the flickering a bit too abrupt. I wonder if slowing down the flickering wouldn't also reduce the performance issues? (I'm not asking you to change your game, I'm just wondering that.)