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never knew how much i needed a 80s style point and click game about mycroft holmes until today. I also conversed with too many things.... oops

these are some great ideas! thanks for the feedback :)

I really like this game! Great level design, clever puzzles, cool style and music. The only thing I can think of that you should improve is the start menu and the menus between levels. They look a little more like prototype menus instead of menus in a finished game. 

I liked the art, it's simple but looks great, and the idea has a lot of potential. Some improvements could be adding music and more variation in the sound effects. Also sometimes it felt like there was a delay on the jump which made the game a bit frustrating. Otherwise, great work!

Thanks! I really wanted to add more levels but I just didn't have time :(

And also I probably should've added some noise or something to even more indicate that it was wrong to kill the monsters, but of course that's stuff you only think about after jam is over

Yeah, I had someone else comment about that too. I can easily fix it and its definitely something I will think about next time I make a platformer. Thanks for your feedback! :)

Very uniqe idea and characters! The music and visuals are really nice, however I think the animation could use some work. Also an indicator on what I can destroy with my current sanity level would be helpful. Overall I liked the game and I think you and your team did a great job!

I could easily fix the camera, didn't realise it was moving too much. Thanks for your feedback :)


Thanks for playing my game :) Really cool of you to make a video series with all the Wowie games

Nice! I liked the shape shifting mechanic and style of the game. Sometimes I could glitch through the walls but otherwise you did a great job :D

Thanks! :) 

I'll play your game and give some feedback

Yep, I made it as buggy as possible :) 
Thanks for playing!

Cool! It's fun trying to find all the bugs and I like the music. I think you should add a sound effect when the player hits an error but otherwise I enjoyed the game :)

Yeah, tried to add as many bugs as I could haha :D I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks! I'll check out your game :)

Cool game! I liked that there were many different features and the yeahhhh sound effect when you win is really funny :D

I accidently went into the wrong level first time I played, so you could add numbers or something like that above the levels to show which order you should play them in.

Yeah, I realised that some hours after the game already was finished. HUP!! ahh..., best feature of the game ;)
Thanks for playing! 

No, I haven't heard about that. Seems cool!

Thank you for the great feedback :D I noticed the bug when the purple enemies sometimes spawn next to you but unfortunately I couldn't fix it. I'm not a super good artist but I will add some spikes or something like that on the purple and orange enemies to make them look more dangerous.

Thanks for the nice feedback! :) I can add particles when the player gets hurt to get some damage feedback. Your idea with pulling yourself towards the enemies is great, I will add it in if  it works good in the game.


I liked the game! Cool ideas for the different levels :)

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Hey! Thanks for the nice feedback :)

It's a pretty small game but I'm glad you still liked it!

Congratulations on 100 k subs! :D Your videos are awesome!

Thank you for giving me great feedback! I'm glad you liked my game :)

Thanks for giving me feedback! :D I know it doesn't have much gameplay. I just wanted to make something I don't usally make :)

Did you play the game in your browser? Because scaling doesn't really work very well in the browser version of the game, but changing the resolution for the shapes should probably work. I don't know if I'm going to do it though since scaling works fine in the downloadable version.

The graphics are simple but still looks good, and the music is cool :)

Thanks for your feedback :) I think it would become more difficult to control the player if it didn't  slow down automatically but adding gravity to the planets seems like a great idea! :D

Nice game! I like the game idea  and art :) Adding sound effects or music would be cool!

Thank you for giving me feedback and playing my game! :D  I'm going to try to improve the controls

I can't run the game in my browser. Everything just freezed and then chrome stopped working.

Nice game! 

Yes! I would really like to see that :D

The music is good and it's super fun playing around with the different sounds! I also like the characters. :)

I think I've found a bug when the large brush powerup makes my character so big that I can't continue, I had to go back so the brush wasn't big anymore. I really liked the game anyway :).

Thanks! :)

Thanks for your feedback! I will try to fix the bug with the hp bar, and I may add music in an update. Thanks for playing my game. :)

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Thanks! I am happy  you played my game.

Thank you for your criticism, I can try to fix it when the game jam is over.