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By no means is this a high priority recommendation, but when a thread only has one post in it, it reads "1 posts."

It's not a big deal, but it'll feel cleaner if it starts saying "1 post" or "1 view" and then switching to plural words when there are multiple of said issue.

Hey, Itch!

One of the great aspects of the creative world is the ease of collaboration over the ever-expanding internet. The independent games market is clearly growing with talented individuals who can make a very well rounded game, as Itch shows. However, more often then not, people will have one skill that shines above the rest, and these people, even if they can make a game on their own, will often want to work with teams of people who have different skillsets.

This results in, you guessed it, game collaborations! To my knowledge, Itch does not have any way to publish games under the names of multiple people. This makes things tricky.

It'd be great to have the ability to release a game and have multiple profiles linked to that same game. To further build off of this, it could eventually be implemented where revenues could easily be split amongst these team members, and profiles could be customized to advertise what specific traits they have to offer to other teams.

Networking is huge in today's day and age, and I think this would go a long way in creating unique games and building strong relationships throughout the Itch community.

Just some food for thought.

Best wishes!