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pretty game,

I a bugs, you recover all the feathers when colliding with some blocks, this allows you to get some feathers before collecting the necessary ones

thank you
you are right, but I haven found something that works,  for the fonts (UI designe experience is where I lack the most) and the void.
Also, I found that in mobile, the post processing that I am using is pretty demanding, it drops FPS to 15, so I may have to change again the graphics a little bit, its a shame because I started to like that neon look.

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It seem that the bug is due to low frames, I will update a desktop version, It should work the same as the game jam one, just give me a second.
Is up and ready, I will search how to preload prefabs, I am still an amateur to game development

Hey M8rix, I followed Josh Dyer's advises, and improved some things, also changed the graphics, could you check the new update and tell me what you think?
(you will find that now it can be played in the browser) 

thank you

Mr, I followed your observations and addressed most of them, could you check the new update and tell me what you think, if it really got improved? (you will find that now it can be played in the browser)
thank you

Have a nice Day

Ok, I kept playing like an hour more, while I have money to buy stuffs I can keep playing (addictive progress) , but when I run out of resources  and have to close the game, at least in desktop, I do not feel the need to return to the game, It may work better in mobile with notifications, or it me be just me getting old, but nice game BTW

way too long tutorial, there is a part where I do not know what's next, 
Ok reloaded the game, in the step where it says something like "Click Cheeky-shop title to go back", I think it will improve with a Back button, I will keep testing,

other observations:

when placing objects in the tutorial, you can nos zoom in and out camera, so is impossible to placer objects in the corners if you zoomed in before

wow, that's an impressive review, I didn't even considered half of the details you mentioned, you made me reconsider finish it, thank you sir, have a like

thank you, yeah, it need a lot of polish, and a better way of platform generation, right now is not clear that the platforms appearing above you, when they reach the top, will appear at the bottom (that was my interpretation of the ouroboros )

oh, I see, now is clearer why it should be like that.
BTW, how is it doing? I am working on another game, but I am not sure how to market it or even set a price range, is Steam a good place to start? 

cool concept, I really felt anxiety with the restricted vision, what annoyed me the moste was the mouse controls, have you tried with the pivot on the center of the screen? the way it it right now is counter intuitive, also, some messages says that I have to use E but only works space bar

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yea, it need tuning, but it was my first gamejame and my 3rd or 4th game, and my lack of experience consumed a lot of time, my initial idea was that the player started in the top of the screen and move gradually to the bottom, until it reached the very bottom, and just by looking at the top of the screen you could move without* colliding with another platform,  it seems that the place where the player is* right now makes it hard for the brain


It may not be clear, the same platform that appears above the purple line, is the same that will apear in the bottom, like if it was wrapped around in a loop. So you will have to look on the top of the screen to predict the trajectory you have to move next.

thank you for playing. It should have been harder to score, but I run out of time for tweaking