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Sissa Dreki

A member registered Jul 19, 2018

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I will, soon!

Hi!  I purchased this as part of a charity bundle, but only have access to part 1.  Is this correct?  Either way, excellent work!

Thank you!  May I note this as CC0 (public domain as defined by Creative Commons)?

Hi, would it be possible I could use these under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license, and pay you $4, total for this and another of your asset packs, and also attribute credit for the assets, to be used in a commercial game?

Hi, what is the license on these?

Hi, what is the license on these, and is there software they're intended to be used with?

Hi, sorry, what is the license for these?

I emailed you!

I've been wanting to do a DooM (1990s)-inspired, ray-casting-based FPS game for a while, now, and I think your setting and ideas seem really awesome for such a thing, and I would love to collaborate on it.  I've got three decades of programming experience, since I made my first game in 1992 as a child, and I've always been fascinated by games like DooM that used ray-casting in order to create the optical illusion of having 3D environments.

I have access to a lot of game assets (mostly sound and music, but also art files) that I've bought on itchio over the years (mostly through charity bundles), and I've specifically made sure to obtain assets that may be used for commercial purposes.

Comments on this post will notify me via email.  Please let me know what you think. 

Out of over a hundred games, I've won the final level one time, but it's totally possible if you're careful and lucky enough, and have learned the game well enough.

You're welcome!  I'm always happy to help a fellow Linux Nerd <3

Given that it is based on NWJS, it likely should work, perfectly, out-of-the-box, with NW, a cross-platform interpreter like Python, OpenJDK, or Mono; see more information, here:

Hope that helped!

What are the dimensions of each individual sprite?  I'm hoping for 16x16, but I can work with other sizes

Excellent!  PNG is what I use for my map designing program.

What is the file format and art license for these?  Looks very good, and I would like to use them in a future project!

Well, it's my understanding that an open license on the source code (the definition of "open source) does not mean a necessarily open license on art/music/sound/video assets, due to the way art is licensed differently from code, legally..

Alright, I will not be using the asset.  Honestly kinda weird that you're anti-open source when that doesn't necessarily change the license of your art, but I'll go another route.  Thank you for your response.

What is the license on this?  I'm working on an indie RPG based on old-schoo, 8-bitl JRPGs, and these backgrounds would be perfect for combat scenes.

This is awesome!  Perhaps my invading forces can use these!  Would you like to try your hand at making "human-made" weapons that are human improvements on these?

I'll see if I need anything in particular!

This is rad!  It will go quite well in my homage to X-Com.  As usual, I'll list you as an asset creator in the credits in the completed game.

Will do!

Excellent!  Thank you for the help.  Tossing $1 your way and grabbing the asset.  Have a lovely day!  Your username will appear in the Credits of my completed game as an Asset Creator.

The ships were all one, blobbed-together ship, and I was not able to open them individually from the one file.  Godot doesn't like files very much that have a bunch of 3D assets in one file.

Hi, these are really rad, but the files are having issues with being imported into Godot Game Engine.  Big ask, but do you mind re-uploading with each ship, accessory and component also in individual .obj files?  Many thanks.  Throwing $5 your way and planning to include your username in the Credits of my game as an Asset Creator.

Ah, unfortunately, because all of the ships are in the same file, I cannot use this in Godot Game Engine, as it imports the entire file and treats them all as one 3D object.  Are you able to export them as a .zip file of individual ships as .obj files?

Alright; I'll put you in the Credits as an Asset Creator.

Something that is sorely lacking in the "under $5" 3D Low-Poly Assets is UFOs and ships that are alien-looking in design, which could be used as UFOs.  I'm making a game that's an homage to X-Com, the UFO series, and Xenonauts, and I think having more spacecraft options would be good; not everything needs to look vaguely like an Earth-based aircraft.  As well, some helicopter-style dropships for troop transport would be good, especially with hollow space inside for character models.

Is that the same as Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International?  I'm still learning my way around CC licenses.

I'll list you in the Credits as an Asset Creator, and I'll pay you $3 for the assets, plus let you know if/when my game becomes available.

What's the license for this?

What's the license on this?

What's the license on this?

What's the license on this?

What is the license on this?

Ooh, what is the license on this?  I have a mighty need.

Alright, I'll name you in the credits as an asset contributor, at least.

I'll put your name in the credits as an asset contributor, then.

Sorry, can you specify a standard license, such as Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International?  I won't use something when I don't know the conditions for its use.

What is the license on these?