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Ok so there's a bug with a sfx file called miss~1 being missing, as a precaution until there's a fix just copy and paste one of the sound effect files and rename it, just a fix until an update is released I guess. 

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So I understand that now. Sure you can do it.

EDIT: Sorry for the slow response, I had been sick with COVID and has since been dealing with that.

I am so sorry for not getting to you sooner but yes you can remaster my sprites for use in your game. Just be aware the character designs in these sprites are approximate to their original designs due to the limitations of the RPG Maker MV Character Generator, so feel free to add back their missing hats and details. So you're gucci to remaster them.

Thank you

Say is there a way to select a different window skin in the options menu as a UI option? Cuz it'd be cool to have different window flavors like in Pokemon.

Thanks to this plugin and a few others, I can now have Mr. Saturn in MZ and be able to have a unique font for them, ZOOM!

the license is free to use for both free and commercial games provides that I have been credited as well as hiddenone and Avery for providing the generator parts for building the assets

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I couldn't see it live, but thanks for streaming my game and it means a lot. I'm watching it rn.

EDIT: So I see you give some feedback about things like font and skills and I will take in account for future projects.