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Thats a good idea, it would also fit very well with the theme. Once this jam is over I want to implement all of your suggestions.

After this jam ends I think I will work on the gameplay explanation stuff since this was a quite recurrent issue.

I didn’t want to add a proper tutorial because  one of my main objectives  was to make gameplay speak for itself, but maybe making the player press the change colour button to start will solve the problem.

Btw thanks for playing!

Thank you! Im going  implement some of your stuff in my final build.

Very nice graphics and story!

I mean it is too much effort to make low effort music. I only hope they would allow me to add the music i wanted

Low Effort Jam 9 community · Created a new topic Music

In the rules for the jam there is one rule which says:

"You can use sounds other people made, but not music".

But can i use music if it is copyright free or i just have to abandon the idea of including it in my game?

Nice and fun game, a great concept indeed.

Thanks! Seems like a nice outcome for my first game jam ever.