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:3 I believe in you guys

there is also a setting when you go to settings that makes them visible had the same problem.

Cant wait to see what happens next

How do you get the steam key?

that one should be it sorry i think i sent the wrong image

And sorry If my suggestion are insulting I do not mean to offend anyone in anyway. Especially since I really like the deskmaid 

no the maid does not get illuminated, and may i recommend on separating that black bar from the fridge .  The black bar i circled in red makes the fridge look a little unappealing , and maybe instead of a  big fridge why not a mini fridge on the bottom left corner of her leg i think that would look more appealing but hey i could be wrong its just a suggestion. 

dont know what the plans for the deskmaid are but would also be nice be able to bond with her like heart meter or something. 

hey i just launched the deskmaid and congrats on the progress it looks a lot more better but there is still like a black distorted box that still appears in the back when you click on food its the same one in the picture i sent you last time

NSFW toggle in settings would be nice 

This is what happens when i click on the light bulb icon not sure if this is supposed to happen and clicking on the star icons does nothing.