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not even close.  Can't solve something that isn't whole.

I haven't checked the update, but at the time it was released it went no where.  The was literally no code to check for it.

Come back on or after 11/15

Use the Konami Code, read other's comments.

9 are listed (6 on, 3 off).  This is, despite the wording, to simulate what happens when you filter by game type.  Only 9 servers are capture the flag, the rest are some undetermined game style like Free for All or Team Deathmatch.

Its random.  Its to get you to start noticing that things are changing, and sets you up to find the hidden ending later.

Also, the dev's message about his friends running out of bullets before beating the game is likely a hint telling you you need to shoot something.  So far, the rest of his message about the 100% save file is just filler to make it look like a method you might use to load the save file on an older computer (which isn't entirely incorrect, its very close).

JOHN_DEV has joined the game.

Leave the blue flag area, take the *first* right, and look up, but don't get too close to the walls.  Its pretty anal about where you are when you shoot the eye, I shot at it from where I first noticed it, but if you're not close enough, the bullet goes right through the thing and doesn't trigger a hit.  You have to be just about as close as you can get while still able to see it.

this is likely because they aren't letters, they are arrows.

*** SPOILERS ***

And I can confirm that as of 11/12/19 that the only thing this game recognizes outside of selecting a server is the Konami Code.  Anything else just triggers the key pressed sound while in the server list, and there is nothing inside the FPS part of the game that detects any kind of special code input.

You can not even load a terminal or anything to do the things the developer says to do to "load" the 100% save file, nor is there any code that looks for any kind of parsed codes (like a terminal *would* have to check for valid entries)

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The "artist" *clearly* draws the arrow that is commonly used to demonstrate a Carriage Return (which is where the Enter key gets its other name: Return key)... its the clearest part of the whole thing.

Found this pretty easy, this is the exact shape they draw at the very end:

Watch it again, its not 1s, its angles like /\ /\ /\ \/ \/which is why it looks like letters

No.  The Konami code IS programmed into the game, and its way longer than 5 symbols, and you don't press Enter in this iteration.  The image is hard to see, but I guarantee its /\ /\ /\ \/ \/ Enter or /\ M W Enter.  The pencil never crosses the first /\ to make an A, so I am 99% sure its the former,  which would likely stand for up up up down down enter.  The Konami code, by contrast , is up up down down left right left right B A for this iteration of it.


it draws /\ /\ /\ \/ \/ and then an Enter Key.  Unfortunately, right now, inputting this *anywhere* does absolutely nothing.  Due to the teaser img the developer posted, I think we'll find out on the 15th, or we'll at least get more.

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25467 is a valid port number.

You're sort of wrong about the slots thing.  There's 15 total servers listed, 12 of them are online, and 9 of them are Capture the Flag, with the rest likely being Free for All (way more common for online shooters originally) or Team Deathmatch (much more common for more modern shooters), and are simply being filtered out.  The weird part of this server list is normally, especially the way the servers are named, they wouldn't be preloaded by the game in question, which is the only way you'd see an offline server in the first place.  Usually, the 12/15 means that you're viewing the 12 servers that are filtered out based on your settings, which in this instance we are forced into Capture the Flag.

 This is likely the case here as well since there are only 9 servers listed, with 6 of them online.  Another oddity with the server list is that one of the servers is LAN, which most games from the early 90s you had to search for using a specific filter, and wouldn't be preloaded into a server list like this, even for games that had that kind of set up (I can't think of one that used a pre-programmed list, or even showed offline servers LAN or otherwise for that matter, and I've played every multiplayer Quake, Doom, and even a few shooters that weren't that well known).  Most games that did use a pre-programmed server list didn't show you the server list, and weren't shooters.

Unfortunately, right now, if you've gotten to this point, that is currently as deep as this goes.  I dug until I couldn't dig no more, and I can confirm that there isn't even a thing to detect the entry of the Up Up Up Down Down Enter code the video shows you following this route.  Presumably, its coming in an update, so as to prevent us from completely cracking the code too fast.

*does.  And yes, it works on the server screen from any state, it works by setting your saved settings to the defaults.

You do not have to uninstall, as using the Konami Code (up up down down left right left right B A) on the server screen resets the game to its default state.  Also, as IwanPlays states, it saves using the registry.  I can 100% confirm this as I have seen exactly how it works.

The following youtube video links to the creator's page instead of this one:AlphaBetaGamer: Zordak .  The link does eventually take you to this page, but I have commented the video with a link directly to here for you.  I'd recommend you contacting the creator and asking them to link directly to this page instead of using your game to make them money through their own blog/review site.

You should reword your question as it makes it look like you don't think they deserve to be paid for their work.  Which is BS, because from what I've seen of KatherineOfSky playing and what I've played through myself, I can definitively state that they deserve to be paid for this game.  As a hobbyist developer (would love to get paid myself, but its really hard to finish something you're working on your own), I can attest to the work put into even the prototype, and you're lucky that was free.

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The error actually tells you exactly what the problem is.  You either don't have Vulkan compatible hardware, Vulkan compatible drivers, or you need to update the version of Vulkan (usually packed with your drivers, but not always) as there's a mismatch.  You can have a higher version than the game, but the game can not have a higher version than you.  Since you're actually getting this error, I'm under the assumption that that means there's no OpenGL version, so unless you can fix your Vulkan problems, you wont be able to run the game.

Looking over the mess of Vulkan errors you have, its not seeing your graphics card capabilities which is telling me its one of the first 2.  If it was you having a lower versoin of Vulkan than the game, you'd still be getting 1s in most of those checks instead of 0s.  See if you can find an OpenGL wrapper for Vulkan.  Vulkan was made by the same guys that make OpenGL so something might have already been made.

Edit: this was made in Unity3D, there's no way that it doesn't have OpenGL support unless they hard coded rendering calls in, or Unity3D itself removed OpenGL.  Try searching for Unity3D runtime arguments to force OpenGL mode, I know they exist because I've used them for Kerbal Space Program (try -opengl)

Edit 2: the correct argument is -force-glcore taken directly from unity's manual