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not everithing is better in 3D

yeah i know there are some bugs everywhere but i will continue working on the game on the future fixing and adding more things! Thanks for the feedback and for playing

Really nice game! The only problem is that there are only a few levels but for a game jam that's ok 

This game is cool, but it needs WAY more polishing, it needs more levels, a tutorial, more clear indication of what the costumes do, animations and some better looking art. The music is also pretty nice

What a game! Good job i liked a lot the mechanic and the levels! 


Really cool game, good job! The animations are well done and the idea is really clever, the only things this game lacks are: better storytelling and some more polishing(like an effect for the enemies diyng or increasing the speed of the axes), but for a GameJam game this is quite good!


really cool game but some more UI, some more clear explaination about the stats of the weapons and different enemies behaviours would be appreciated

Really cool game, but some more clear explaination about the stats of the weapons would be appreciated

Thanks! the difficulty curve is really high, i know, i made it this way for 2 reasons, first because it would make the game longer and also because i had a little short time to make the levels, infact i had to make them all in this morning! The jump is buggy, i know but i didn't have time to fix it :( Thanks for playing  my game and for the feedback!

the first part of the game is too difficult, infact i got stuck in there