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Wait, I found out a way to get the video to actually show instead of just being a link, through the youtube looking button at the top, didn't notice that when I initially made the post.

There is a video, it's the youtube link in the post?

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So I decided to move my game releases from github to for what I hope are obvious reasons, anyways, Starfighter is a 2D Action Arcade game about blowing up as many enemies as you can in 5 minutes! Pick one of three playable ships and get the highest score you can! Each ship has it's own play style,  and it's own abilities! So go ahead, try it out, and have fun! Starfighter is receiving updates and changes are being made all the time, so any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for considering my game! Good luck!

I have a devlog for this update out here: 

The page is here:

The Polygons really need a speed limit and please remove the bounce on the bullet. That bounce personally killed me more than it hurt the enemies and it adds an unnecessary level of difficulty to the game which already progresses in difficulty considerably level by level.