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Thanks for playing!

Sadly I didn't have time to finish the additional weapons in time for the jam.

I've been working on updates to release post jam and comments like these have been very helpful!


This was a real joy to play.
I loved the general presentation and voice acting. Navigating was a lot of fun and the environments were difficult enough without being overwhelming.

I liked the combat, but I found juggling items to be a little challenging. It would have been nice to put items in my backpack without opening it first. Also it would be nice to drag an item from the backpack to a hand and have it replace the current item.

Great game!

Really interesting game!
The biggest positives to me are the art, models, lighting, and atmosphere. All incredibly good. The simple color scheme is great and I love the harsh pink lights on the dark environment.

The item movement is cumbersome, but I think works pretty well under time pressure. I'm not very keen on the combat, but everything else must have taken so much work that I understand why that didn't get as much attention.

Solid entry!

Really fun game. The movement feels good, and it seems like the combat could get really interesting! Enjoyed my time with it.

Yeah the cutscene skips if you press any key sadly. The eyeball just has an explosion on it, and there is a prompt to restart.
The worst thing for the jam version is the key balance. I've watched multiple people power up to extremely OP levels without hardly finding any keys.
Definitely going to fix that for a post jam version!

Thanks so much for playing!

Sadly the cutscene skips if you press any key :(
Nope no other guns got implemented in time. In updates I am going to add a shotgun and rifle.
Yeah I'd wanted the game to last about 10-20 minutes, which I figured would be good for a jam game, but the keys are far too random to find.
Thanks so much for playing!

Everyone's criticism has been very consistent and helpful, which will make creating an update much easier.

Thanks so much for playing! And especially for posting the video! It's tremendously useful to see for knowing what to update.
I have been working on updating for a post-jam version, so I'll let you know when it is finished.

Thanks so much for taking the time to play it! :D

Thank you so much! I'm glad it grew on you as you played more.

Vaguely old-school and primitive was what I was going for with the art, so I'm glad it worked out.

Thanks for playing!

The eye snapping towards you was just luck. It'd be fun to program that in.

Yeah the balance was awful for the jam. I'd tested the combat a decent amount, but I hadn't had time to test the likelihood of actually finding enough keys to win.

Yeah the winning cutscene will restart the game if any key is pressed, which made it very easy to accidentally skip.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! Glad the movement feels crisp!

I really like the art style and environments! Nice use of The Dream-Quest  of Unknown Kadath too.

Love the graphics style.

Honestly I'm glad you found those! The game was not well balanced in time for the jam. I had many later runs with the jam version where I couldn't find a single card.


Thank you so much! Glad it looks accurate.

Thanks! I had so much fun making this, so I will certainly be doing more. I'm thinking more Vaarn, and maybe some stuff inspired by other rpgs.

This has fantastic vibes. I love the art and layout, looking forward to reading through it.

Monstrous. I love it.

Love this game! I think I might have found an error though. I can't seem to find the profession table mentioned on page 9.

Awesome! Hopefully it comes in handy.

I'm sorry I forgot to ever post the link to the github page. Here you go!

I added a .png and a .webp file!

This is way up there with some of my favorite work you've done!
The art, touchstones, and concepts are fantastic. I'm not normally keen on kid/teen focused rpg stuff, but I think I'm going to have to give this a try.

I would be very interested in a physical release!

That's the idea! I really should make a blog or something to talk about game development like this. It might be fun.

Thanks for the comments! It's nice to know people are interested.

Sure! Basically I decided to take more inspiration from FKR games. I've removed all dice rolling and success mechanics. Instead the whole focus is on interactions with fairies. I've been working on random generators for fairies that include what they want, how they reward the players for helping them, what they hate, and how they retaliate when the players do the thing they hate. The fairy score is now more of a timer. It increases when eating fairy food. So the player's goal will be to navigate bizarre interactions with fairies so they can find the exit from fairyland before they run out of human food.

Long story short: there are still mechanics, they're just conversation based instead of dice based.

I've still got to work out the kinks and do more playtesting.

You are totally right. I will try fix that and upload a new copy soon.

Though I liked the concept of this game, I found some of the mechanics weren't really working for me. I've been working through ideas for a newer version that I think might work better!

Soon. I really need to do that. I'll add a comment here letting you know when I finally get that set up!


Thank you!

Thank you so much! It makes me really happy to hear that :D

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Thank you Snow! This means a lot to me, especially coming from you. The Sun King's Palace is a brilliant digital tool/adventure that really inspired me!

You are completely correct. Back when I had made this comment I had misunderstood the rules.

So I just read about this and haven't had a chance to read Under Hill By Water yet. But right now I'm thinking about making some kind of simple location to explore with a number of interesting characters to meet. I'm thinking some kind of large party similar to Bilbo's birthday could work well.

I'm mostly taking inspiration from The Blancmange & Thistle from Troika. My favorite time playing that my players just had a great time meeting all the interesting characters.

I'm finally submitting it! Thanks for the comment :)

Glad you like it!! Thanks so much for the comment too. It made my day :)