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Awesome! Hopefully it comes in handy.

I'm sorry I forgot to ever post the link to the github page. Here you go!

I added a .png and a .webp file!

This is way up there with some of my favorite work you've done!
The art, touchstones, and concepts are fantastic. I'm not normally keen on kid/teen focused rpg stuff, but I think I'm going to have to give this a try.

I would be very interested in a physical release!

That's the idea! I really should make a blog or something to talk about game development like this. It might be fun.

Thanks for the comments! It's nice to know people are interested.

Sure! Basically I decided to take more inspiration from FKR games. I've removed all dice rolling and success mechanics. Instead the whole focus is on interactions with fairies. I've been working on random generators for fairies that include what they want, how they reward the players for helping them, what they hate, and how they retaliate when the players do the thing they hate. The fairy score is now more of a timer. It increases when eating fairy food. So the player's goal will be to navigate bizarre interactions with fairies so they can find the exit from fairyland before they run out of human food.

Long story short: there are still mechanics, they're just conversation based instead of dice based.

I've still got to work out the kinks and do more playtesting.

You are totally right. I will try fix that and upload a new copy soon.

Though I liked the concept of this game, I found some of the mechanics weren't really working for me. I've been working through ideas for a newer version that I think might work better!

Soon. I really need to do that. I'll add a comment here letting you know when I finally get that set up!


Thank you!

Thank you so much! It makes me really happy to hear that :D

Thank you Batts! This means a lot to me, especially coming from you. The Sun King's Palace is a brilliant digital tool/adventure that really inspired me!

You are completely correct. Back when I had made this comment I had misunderstood the rules.

So I just read about this and haven't had a chance to read Under Hill By Water yet. But right now I'm thinking about making some kind of simple location to explore with a number of interesting characters to meet. I'm thinking some kind of large party similar to Bilbo's birthday could work well.

I'm mostly taking inspiration from The Blancmange & Thistle from Troika. My favorite time playing that my players just had a great time meeting all the interesting characters.

I'm finally submitting it! Thanks for the comment :)

Glad you like it!! Thanks so much for the comment too. It made my day :)

Thank you so much!! I love getting comments like this. Honestly made my day :)

I just noticed a small PDF error. On page 32 on the NPC Personas table there's a small errant rectangle overlapping the first two rows in the right column.

Hey this looks excellent! I think I possibly noticed an error? On page 6 under Turns it is stated that players may "take one action (...) and make one movement before any and all opposition do the same". My understanding was that everyone's actions in Into The Odd/Electric Bastionland were simultaneous? The second sentence about making a DEX save to act first would also support that.

Thank you so much! I'll have to check out your submission!

Yeah you're right about the color change. It'd be nice if each physical change could comfortably stack without replacing the other.

I got some other really excellent suggestions from other people that I sadly wasn't able to implement in time. Might be nice to revisit this and change/add some of the suggestions.


Ah yeah some arrows could really come in handy for that!

I genuinely like the idea of a game without stats where everything is based on your character's profession. But it's such a simple idea I'm not really sure it needs codification. Might as well just do FKR.

Thanks! I think the idea of a stat that is the inverse of another stat could probably be salvaged even if the rest doesn't work. I might get a chance to test it this week so I'm looking forward to that!

Thank you so much! I wouldn't put too much stake into the mechanics yet, I still need to test the game. Hopefully I can do that before the jam is over!

Thanks! Yeah that's how I've tested it so far.

Still need to find time to do more testing...

Let me know how it goes! :D

I love the artwork with this!!

Really cool mechanic!


This game is pretty dumb so don't pay too much attention to it. I'm just having a lot of fun designing these one-page rpgs at this point.

Thank you so much! Yeah there's so much amazing creative commons art out there. Thinking about it I probably should have attributed the individual artists...

I'll see if I can hunt down the names and put them in the post.

Thanks! Yeah it could use a lot more explaining and tuning. The goal is to progress to the end of the level by swinging and attaching objects to yourself. One problem is our camera is too zoomed in and the level too spaced out to see some things. One thing you must have missed at the spot you got stuck were a bunch of balloons to your right (the camera was too zoomed in to see). If you click on these you can attach them to yourself so you can float. Later on there are more objects you can attach to yourself that weigh you down or let you propel yourself.

More tutorial text and some tuning of the level and camera would certainly help. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice. Yeah we found the same.

(1 edit)

Awesome, so you took the path along the bottom of the level? Did you end up using the right-click arm to hold yourself steady while you grabbed the fans?

Thank you! Yeah it turned out harder to target the hooks then we expected. Maybe we can update it after the jam is over.

Thank you! I wish we'd gotten more of a chance to explore it. Sadly time ran out.

Thank you! Yeah I can definitely see that. We were going for a Steampunk vibe, which is certainly similar to the themes of Jules Verne.

Thank you so much! That's high praise.

Thank you! Glad you liked it.

Thank you so much! I will.