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I'll look into it. It might be incompatibility with your gpu. Can you send me your specs?

working on it! should be included with the next update.

I think its very nice my stupid game could be used to teach motor skills! If you're still doing this i can provide you with a version that doesnt have the drunk effects.

this is so unique and cute!! I love it
I have no idea whats going on though

This is harder than expected. I got to 14!

Can you post a link to the entry so I can rate it?

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The demo exceeded my expectations! Really great stuff.


  • The audio design is *really* good. Every sound is satisfying as hell!
  • Artsyle is great. Palette and mood are just right.
  • Sassy dialogue.
  • Music/ambience is top notch.
  • Voice bits. I love them so much.


  • The lock mechanic is not really a challenge and doesn't really add anything.
  • This is a very personal thing, but non-pixelart things really stand out. Examples: the electric wire, the Gnarcier spike, the foliage animation. In general everything that is at a higher resolution than the pixel grid. Sub-pixel parallax doesn't bother me as much because it helps smooth the camera movements.
  • Why am I picking up all this stuff ;_;

All in all I really enjoyed the demo and I was sad that it was over. Can't wait to see were you take this!

Great game, Fast paced and quite addicting. I feel really sorry for my spacebar when the bonus comes up!

Nice prototype. I'm a bit disappointedby the lack of psychedelic rock music though. The graphics are very charming, will follow!

Interesting game. Exploring what effects night/day have on the creatures was interesing. It was somewhat confusing how much I was affecting the game tough.

Cute graphics!