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This is awesome.

The controls are a bit awkward (Atleast on the Rift S), snap-turning is a tad unresponsive and the controls generally could use more customization.

But other than that this is just fun to play.

Whoever owns the Wolf3D IP these days really dropped the ball here, i would gladly pay for a full, smoothed out version.

No problemo man, late reply from myself here lol.

Cool that you're improving the YT player. :)

As for the book-reader, this space room is best suited for it, i wouldn't really be interested in a castle or something else, sorry. ^_^

Just one further suggestion, for the PDF reader: Could you tweak it so it can properly read/open sub-folders? I created some sub-folders but unfortunately they're not showing up.

Keep up the great work!

This is awesome, very well done!

I use this to read a crapton of old comic books i have only in PDF form. Sitting in this luxury-star-trek-like shuttle reading silver age comic books is really an experience that gives me a big grin on my face.

I do have a question regarding the viewscreen/youtube-player though; How do i play anything else than the new-age stuff? :p

The info-text mentions something about a private-mode? I couldn't find anything, and i'd really like to have a working videoplayer (Or atleast a working youtube-plugin) in there.

As a suggestion, what would be even better would be if you could just display your desktop on that screen, like you can do in the "Oculus Home" for example.

Aside from that, this is how i read books now. Which is partly weird, and partly just awesome. :)

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Thanks for your suggestions, difficulty and movement are allways hard to get right. Especially when it comes to emulating classic arcade beat'em ups.

That reminds me, this game also needs a 2-player mode. :p

Hehe mission accomplished. Gotta warn people about those reptiloids.  ;)

Thanks for spreading the word man!

You totally did miss the "secret" character though. Or maybe you refrained from showing him due to his "infringy" nature? :p