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Yes, Steam keys are available. Please check the following guide:

LOL  Glad it wasn’t a bug. If you like the game, we would be grateful, if you could leave a recommendation on the Steam page. Thanks!

Glad you like the game. When you say "stalling" do you mean is crashing? (Don't tell me that you didn't click on the rock)

 Is there a chance that you have continued the game from a save file that was made in one of the early versions of the game? 

There has been an update that resulted into losing compatibility with older save files and that could lead to all sorts of strange behaviour.

unfortunately one of the older updates that was made 16 days ago broke older saves and it was nothing we could do about it.

All other updates since then didn’t affect saves.

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@nejedly The Steam keys will be added very soon and you will be able to claim one through the standard procedure itch uses.

Is there any chance to you continued the game from a save file that was made in one of the early builds of the game?

No, thank you!

Aaaaaaaaah. That would be great, wouldn't it? Any publisher out there, who wants to throw some money on us, in order to do it?

Hi, we have a new update available. We were not able to reproduce the bug but we introduced a new behaviour that we hope that will solve the issue. Please take a moment and read our devlog, where we mention the compatibility between the two last builds.


Good, we think we have an idea of what causes this and will include a fix in our next update. Would you please also post your computer specification?


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Hi again, is there a chance that this happened when you pressed the "esc" button while character was transitioning from one scene to another?

We are wondering if a script that had to do with the character position was interrupted before running. We are currently trying to replicate the bug without success in various scenes. If you could point us to the specific scene, we may be able to replicate it.

Thanks again 


Could you please provide a few more details, so that we can take a look at it?  In which scene did this happen? Did the character disappear after saving or simply by accessing the save menu? Are you on Mac or Windows? 

Thank you

Thank you. Glad you like it.

Hi again Mihai,

We just updated the mac version. It was a very weird bug indeed that it had to do with a particular animation of a shadow in the scene that was crashing the game! It should work fine now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Mihai,

Give us a little bit of time to try reproduce this and we will be back to you.


No problem, we are going to have an updated version with this option included as well in the next couple of days. Hope that this will work for you.

Hello @Athanasius

First of all, thank you very much for playing the game.

The decision to have this behaviour for voices was made deliberately and it's not a bug.  In one hand we had the option to completely avoid using any voice-over (that was our initial decision) and on the other hand we had the option to include some voice-over work in order to bring a bit more life to the game. (Similarly to what a numerous  RPGs do for example) 

After making a few tests with our game testers, the general feedback was that people preferred the version with the voice-over part.

We are really sorry that is not your liking and we will certainly take your comment very seriously and try to make an update in the future, with the option to disable voices.

We really hope, that at least this won't spoil the game for you. Thanks for the feedback.

All the best!

Thanks for your detailed reply. The engine that we use, supports Linux export by default, so it's not a big deal exporting for Linux as well. 

What is really essential for us, is not to have any kind of technical problems and since we're not Linux users and also can't test our game in all Linux distributions available, we are a bit hesitant of distributing the game. 

We prefer to sacrifice a few sales but be 100% sure the our game runs as it should in all available platforms than to run in 95% of them but with a small percentage experiencing problems and regretting buying our game. On the other hand if there was a significant percentage of users that would really want a Linux version we should probably spend the time and test the game in more Linux distributions. 

We will need to give it, a bit more thought. 

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This is a question for the community here in Is there anyone, here who is actually using Linux and plays game on the particular OS? 

Fellow game devs, how does your Linux downloads figures compare to Mac downloads? We are asking simply because we want to decide, if there's any reason to publish our game for Linux as well.


Hello to all. We are very glad to announce that "Yet Another Hero Story" is now complete and available on the Store.

The game is a point and click adventure game set in a fantasy, cartoon world and is our "love letter" to the genre and past games that we really love.

and that simple folks can be really 'special' sometimes. 

The goal has been set for mid-April. In the unlikely case of a delay we are still confident that it will be released before Summer.

Thank you

Very glad to hear it.

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He practically steals the game, doesn't he?

Search a bit more in the cave :)