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Last Steam key was claimed 2 days ago.

I can simply confirm that Steam keys have been uploaded and there is a sufficient number available for buyers of the game.

Thanks a lot. More than thrilled to hear that!Best of lucks with your youtube channel. 

You gotta have a little patience  because the full game hasn’t be released yet.  Meanwhile you can wishlist the game on Steam or follow the account here.

Thanks for the feedback. Indeed the idea was not to have any words in the bubbles and eventually the goal is to have them replaced by images as far as they make sense of course.

The second suggestion is a more complicated matter and cannot be a 100% sure that the engine will allow for something like this. Will investigate though.

Thanks for the comments people!

Thanks for your detailed reply. The engine that we use, supports Linux export by default, so it's not a big deal exporting for Linux as well. 

What is really essential for us, is not to have any kind of technical problems and since we're not Linux users and also can't test our game in all Linux distributions available, we are a bit hesitant of distributing the game. 

We prefer to sacrifice a few sales but be 100% sure the our game runs as it should in all available platforms than to run in 95% of them but with a small percentage experiencing problems and regretting buying our game. On the other hand if there was a significant percentage of users that would really want a Linux version we should probably spend the time and test the game in more Linux distributions. 

We will need to give it, a bit more thought. 

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This is a question for the community here in Is there anyone, here who is actually using Linux and plays game on the particular OS? 

Fellow game devs, how does your Linux downloads figures compare to Mac downloads? We are asking simply because we want to decide, if there's any reason to publish our game for Linux as well.


Hello to all. We are very glad to announce that "Yet Another Hero Story" is now complete and available on the Store.

The game is a point and click adventure game set in a fantasy, cartoon world and is our "love letter" to the genre and past games that we really love.