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Always remember that you're not alone and things do get better!

That is so kind of you! I promise, we will not burn ourselves out too badly :D 

Oh dear, that's not supposed to happen! Sorry about that, I'll take a look at that

I am so glad you enjoyed the game! You are very welcome. It's fun to know that I am not the only one who experiences these little conversations irl when knitting in public!

I hope you are safe, friend. Take care!

Sieht erstmal so einfach aus, ist dann aber eine echt lustige Herausforderung! Die kleinen Schals, Schiffchen und Flugzeugemachen es nochmal extra besonders und die große Menge Details macht wirklich was her. Sehr witziges, aber auch nachdenklich stimmendes Konzept. Da frag ich mich nach dem Spielen, wie groß heute mein Umwelteinfluss war, nur aus meiner Ernährung! 

Schön, lustig und ansprechend!

Technisch extrem cool umgesetzt, visuell klasse und ein sowohl witziges wie auch ernüchterndes Narrativ. Lang lebe die Kakerlake! Ich bin schwer beeindruckt, dass ihr das in so kurzer Zeit geschafft habt, für mich ist dies das coolste Game Jam Projekt gewesen!

This is adorable and I love it! Cute racoon and so much text to discover!

A game is never too old to comment on and never too old for a creator to be moved when someone plays it and wants to share their experience or thoughts! I appreciate your comment a lot. 

It is infuriating. It is devastating. But there is such beauty in our existence. I have a few other games that are about queer topics on here, if you want to see others that have maybe a little less of a downtrodden tone.  Take care, friend! Your existence is unique, special and worthy.

Chronic pain is awful to deal with... Thank you for pointing out the errors! I'll see that I find time to fix them!

Thank you!

Thank you kindly! This gamejam was incredibly impressive, every entry has been phenomenal.

Thank you! Have fun playing, we had a great time making it.

Thank you very much! We really challenged ourselves here and it paid off!

Fun and charming. I love the visuals and am so impressed with your work considering the short time frame. Excellent work!

I like the idea to look at the SDG's from the perspective of the animal kingdom. A classic game format with a mindful twist.

This project really tugs on my heart strings. The concept is whimsical, sad and beautiful.

Very funny and fun game. I am impressed with how much you got done in so little time and I hope the project goes far and gets a lot of players.

I like how this game considers the range children have (working locally) but also the great impact they can have for the future. It is an empowering message. 

The simple graphics are very effective and I love how complex this game is. I can't wait to see what you make of it in the future with the additional things you want to implement. 

Charming, funny, and wonderfully complex work, considering it was done in roughly 48 hours. I bet children will love this! I definitely do.

Oh geez, good that you point it out! I'll patch those up before the next update!

Oh I love that idea! I enjoyed binding things into the environment, I think I will enhance that mechanic a bit more. Perhaps if you collect all the pieces you then have to arrange the puzzle yourself?

It has been done. Behold the perfect man.

Oh my gosh! That is awful! I hope your friend is able to get the care she needs, but that is disgusting behavior. A lot of our problems in the system come down to money saving incentives putting undue pressure on those who actually perform the medical examinations and procedures, but also a lot of deeply ingrained ableism and sexism. Just think of how something like multiple sclerosis used to be put down as hysteria. 

Thank you for playing! And I agree, the value of a game lies in many things... To me, what people take with them after playing is the most important part.

(Sorry for the late reply, I missed the notification)

<3 Sending you love and strength. It's a really, really harsh topic. But the conclusion holds true. 

That would be absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for offering to help me network and to share the word. What platform would you think might be a good place to post the request? I was thinking twitter and instagram to start with.

That is a fantastic idea! I should try to collect all the questions I can get my hands on. Maybe I can get some people's input on Twitter and on FAQ's. I also would like to expand it with some coding to prevent people from accidentally getting stuck in repeating loops of questions and answers <.< 

Vielen lieben Dank für dein freundliches Feedback! Ich bin froh, wenn das Spiel es schafft, ein bisschen diesen Reality Check zu provozieren (den ich selbst auch oft brauche).

Danke sehr! Es gibt unglaublich viele Fragen, die non-binary Menschen gestellt werden (können) und ich habe sie bestimmt nicht alle hier eingefangen. Aber es ist hilfreich. So kann man auch eher gemeine oder schwere Fragen stellen und sehen, welche Argumente es dann auch bei Provokationen geben kann. 

Positive vibes, schön und viel Content. Schöne Arbeit und ich genieße das spielen.

Das Spiel stimmt mich nachdenklich. Es ist unglaublich charmant und visuell einfach herrlich. Schöne, intensive Arbeit mit viel Content. 

Ein Spiel, dass die (z.T. unterbewussten) Stereotypisierungen herausfordert, die im Kopf einfach so schwer sind loszuwerden und in Spielen doch so unglaublich überpräsent sind. Erfrischend, reflektiert und vor allem... menschlich.

Von einem hochspannenden Konzept zu einem sehr interessanten Game. Ich freue mich schon darauf zu sehen, wie es ist, wenn es weiter in Development ist!

Ein spannender Twist zu "traditionellen" dress up games/character creators. Großartiges Tool und game!

Abstrakt und zum Nachdenken anregend. Schöne und wohl überlegte visuelle Analogie. 

Intense. Mein Herz geht auf beim Spielen und ganz davon abgesehen, wie absolut unglaublich diese Leistung ist für so wenig Zeit in dem Game Jam, die Umsetzung der Idee ist sowohl künstlerisch wie auch pädagogisch spannend.