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really fun game love the concept and the theme fits perfectly! had fun and found myself playing multiple rounds to get a higher score!

Thank you so much, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my game and that my efforts in sound design and theme were able to create a great experience for you! I had a lot of fun putting it all together. Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with me, it's greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the feedback, yeah it really wasn't I'm sorry for that, next time around ill make it more intuitive!

totally agree, thanks so much for the feedback and for playing my game!

I'm sorry to hear that, I should have probably made it a bit more clear, to open the presents you have to click and hold down on them while there are no popups as these prevent you from opening them

Your comment made my day! I'm so glad you liked it and that you appreciate all the small details I put into the game, and that you found the gameplay challenging and fun! Thanks so much for playing!

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thanks glad you liked it, yes it's a fnaf clone I really wanted to make one for a long time

Thanks a bunch for your feed back I really appreciate it and im glad you like the game, it makes me happy to see that people are enjoying it and think its cool!

Hello, that is not an error its part of the game, when you lose instead of a game over screen you just get the ANSWER THE PHONE "error" its like fnaf the objective is to survive until 6AM but you also have to open all the presents in order to survive the attack at 6AM!

Hi Pixivan, I bought your red-caped hero pixel art on, on the email I received it said that I could commission 2 more animations, For the project, I'm working on I need 8 directional movement so I was wondering if you could make that my two animations, one for moving (away from the camera) diagonally forward that can be flipped so it works for walking left or right diagonally forwards and one for walking down (facing the camera) that can also be flipped for both walking left or right diagonally down :)

Great! Then ill do it like that! Ill put your guys Twitter handles in the credits :)

Hi, I really like all the art you have on your page and recently purchased one of your bundles, I plan on using the art for an indie game I am developing, I was curious about the crediting, I was planning on putting you and your partner's name in the credits of the game as is stated in the terms of use of the art, but I don't understand the link to Twitter/itch, do I put it in the credits? (altho it wont be clickable) or would you rather me put it in my devlogs whenever I am talking about the level design? I just want to make sure I get everything right! :)

Hi, your generator is fantastic, its a bit complicated and I'm having trouble implementing it in my project, I was wondering if there is a youtube video or something of the sort for me to follow along?


Really cool and innovative game didn't expect to play anything like this, great job!

I'm glad you liked it, the Zuck is indeed scary, being chased by him is a nightmare 

thank you so much for the feedback, English isn't my first lenguaje so thank you very much for the correction I'll update the game page :) I know I messed up the camara I had it working where it centered around the player but then I made a dumb last minute change and made it like that :c, the enemies don't respawn it was supposed to be that you change the temperature of the entity for a short amount of time hence the clock hahah, that's why the walls re freez after a little bit, should have done some animations as you suggested to convey that in a more visual manner, thanks soo much for the feedback and for playing my game, I'm super happy just by the thought that people play it and leave super helpful comments for my future game jams! 

Great game I loved the graphics and the gameplay itself is pretty fun, it took me 3 runs to get rescued, very well thought out, it really made me feel cold 

Thanks so much for the feedback! yeah, it's a bit of a mess I kind of over-scoped myself and didn't have time to do everything I wanted, I even forgot to do any sound design  :c but I had a blast making it,  the boss thing isn't a bug I just ran out of time and made it so it just bounced around the arena randomly, once again thanks so much for the feedback, I'm just happy someone played it and liked it, ill keep everything in mind for my next game jam!

mm ill check the documentation out again, I was looking for a setup type tut, yeah you have made something really cool congrats I have been literally struggling for days now with the UI in my game  

ahh I see thank you very much, is there any video tutorial maybe of how all of it works, I tried the demo and it's amazing, your product is very good, it would really help me cut down in development time, if there's a tutorial out there I could use to set everything up ill buy it right now

hey once I've bought this can I use it on my game that I will later sell on steam?

what is the license?