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In the game Space-Out you play as a small space-ship on a mission to stop an invading force, The Brickoids! 

They plan to conquer earth by building an empire in the stars, but the only way to stop them is with your trusty Ball Cannon! Use it to ricochet shots around walls and enemies to take down the oncoming enemy!

Space-out is a Single-Player game in which your goal in to score the highest points

Any and all feedback is most welcome!

Thank you!
I did notice the bug on the options menu while developing, I will work on a fix now. I used Godot's UI system so I wasn't sure how to fix it because I haven't used it in a project yet. 

Thank you very much for your feedback!

This is awesome! I just now found out about this and I love it! Great game with solid level design and music, and your knack for pixel art just keeps getting better!  This game looks like it belongs on Amiga

Yep, my bad. Forgot to actually include the game inside the zip. Fixing now :)

Hey, thanks for playing! Yea there are a few bugs, and even a few bugs that were introduced by exporting to HTML5. I was on a heavy time crunch for this project but I am interested in making an “Expansion” to this. 

Great write up! I knew that the chicken was a reference to Bomb Chicken, but had no idea what weapon it started with. Thank you for the kind words and hope to see what game dev holds for you in the future! If you need me, you know where to find me :)