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I ran into the weirdest issue playing through this. I've lost the ability to both load save files and to start a new game. What happens is that the view of the level seems to load in behind the menu and then the menu very slowly fades out of view. I am unable to move the character or take any actions, even when the menu has completely faded out of view. I've tried deleting the game, downloading it again, and I even tried downloading it on steam, but the problem has shown up on every download. What's weird is that I was able to play fine yesterday morning, this problem only showed up last night and has persisted since. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if its been documented previously and also if there's any fix for it.

 Anyway, I think the game is a ton of fun, it has some really good atmosphere, I like a lot of the enemy designs, and every weapon feels great to use. I just haven't been able to finish it yet due to my issue.

Update: Literally just got over it, haven't even seen what comes next yet, I have the game up in another tab. After trying for a bunch of times I managed to do it by pressing both forward and left while in the air and rotating my camera to direct myself onto the little computer thing. Just gonna leave this here in case anyone else needs help figuring out the jump.

So this has been my favorite game from Madvent Calendar. I've managed to reach a few secrets but I'm pretty sure there's still some places I might be able to get into, mostly the blue room with the big fence. I kind of hope you might expand on this one, I'm pretty curious about the world you made here.

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Hey, just finished the game. Honestly really fun game. I'd have to say my favorite playstyle was Wrath. His mobility, quick attacks, and animations were just a ton of fun to play with. Honestly if there was a whole game built around that playstyle I would probably love it. Anyway, just made this account to tell you that this is a really cool game. Have a nice day.