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How can I edit my submission to include the pages of the people I worked with?  Currently it just says my page.

The sound design synergized super well with the visuals & really tied the entire experience together. Quite rad

Simple, cohesive gameplay & consistent stylized visuals with a sick narrative moment in the middle and the end? Freakin' great.

Love the theming! The sound design really helps sell that tension and the game is a genuinely fun kind of challenge:)

great time:)

p o g

Of course

thanks for trying it!(:

I liked how many different goals there were. It felt like a lot of content for a jam game.(:

The game feels really good to play. Overall presentation is also great! I especially like the bounciness when you collide into walls, and the feedback you have for when you kill multiple enemies in one shot.

I think adding power ups that change things about how the base mechanics work would add a lot to what's already a solid base. Maybe consider continuing development?:)

I want to play with friends and powerups or something:) I thought the basegame play was smooth and intuitive!

I feel like this could be such a sick phone game. Music is also super rad:)

I like the mechanic and can see it being really cool with some more time put into it. The hit detection does some parts feel artificially hard though. I like that you included a plot too.:)

lol what the heck i've been listening to the sound track for like 20 minutes 

Slapping sound, music and animations made me smile. It's all so weirdly cohesive.

oh my gosh lol. 
what else could it be but more dogs?! OF COURSE IT'S MORE DOGS!!

This is a super cool take on the classic adventure game. 

I'm ashamed at how long I played this. I don't get it, but for some reason I really like the gameplay.


Okay but really though, It was fun to play through and explore. I think the gameplay style is classic and the presentation makes the dialogue feel really good to read.:)

As one who studied philosophy in college, I approve. Fun:)

Classic gameplay with a tight art style. Rad.:)

I thought I was going to die. 


I'll give the downloadable one a try tonight!:)


I love that some people thought to try that!!! It makes me so happy.:)


Ah I suppose that's poor thematic communication on my part. The intended goal was just that it be a cute thing you play around with. I wanted the player to feel free to just casually roam around, tend to their farm, and explore what upgrades and quests were in the game. It was less about reaching a formal "end". Thanks for giving it a try!

I struggled with the controls some, but I really appreciate the thought behind the project.:) I can see the love!

Oh yeah and I accidentally bowled into someone else's lane (oops) and when that triggered her to come over and tell me I could do better than that, man that was just the icing on the cake. 

My talent charmed her. This is awesome. It's fast, to the point, easy to understand, satisfying to play, and looks great. Thank you for making this?! 

Yeah I had that thought as well. Time to brush up on some visual design. Good to hear!

Fun system and neat concept.:) Cool to think about what it could turn in to!

This is a great concept.:) I thought it fit super well with the theme, and the puzzles are actually pretty good! I think making puzzles for jams is super hard (and usually done very okay) so it was a great surprise to come across these ones.

ah shoot. Thanks for letting me know!

wow this is just crazy awesome. the feedback is sick with all the effects, and it makes the entire game just feel great.:)

oh shoot! good catch on the magician thing! Thank you.:)