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Simon Jakobsson

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This one really saved me! Thank you for making this!

Hi! I love this system! And thank you for doing a tutorial series on it! Do you have any plans on continuing the tutorial series in the future? :)


Love these VFXs!

Maybe I missed something, but I'm not sure if I understand the difference between what's included in the paid version and the free Asesprite file?

Duude! Awesome! Really glad that you found the bug! 

Thanks! :D

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There seems to be a bug where animations going left or right don't match at the end of the loop. All other directions are working as intended. But the loop is wrong for left and right directions. 

Love the script tho!

Haha, dude. This response made my day. I'm working on a larger game at the moment, you can see it on my twitter if you're interested, which you can find on my profile page. I'm also thinking about doing a smaller game for Itch in october. 

The teddy bear is part of the episode, no spoilers. As I only had four days to complete the game I did not have time to make a jump animation. And that is also why the game is not that polished, as I had to throw away some ideas last minute and just make it all work. I might fix these issues after the voting period is over. Thank you for playing!

Haha, omg. One hit kill and checkpoints would have been the best way to go:P And the  controls, I know. It was all made in panic mode. Thanks for playing!

Thank you!
haha, yeah, I actually prefer the space bar for jump too, but for some reason I made the up key  to be the jump key  this time.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
The purpose of laser is to teach the player how near you are able to get to the dogs.

Thank you! The idea was to make the dogs more powerful at later stages. But I never got that far:P

Thank you, Wei!

haha yeah. The jumping over the dogs thing was a misscalculation on my part!

Maybe I'll change the nuances of the ladders in the future! Thanks!

Thank you, Joe!

That's one way to do it.

Thanks! :D

Thank you, Marco! :)

Love this game.