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Couple of usability notes: It isn't too clear where the power pills are in the 3d environment without shadows. Mario always drops a shadow below objects so you can place them in 3d. Also, the walls seem a bit strange, like small buildings instead of pac man barriers. It's difficult to see which ones block the character for real. Also, a sizable chunk of the level is just an empty space with no pills or ghosts. Also, the ghosts can go through walls, which really takes a lot of fun away. Finally, the music seems to have a game over sound effect when it loops.

Here's our Gamedev Feedback: 

this style is glorious!

Love the art style here!

Here's my feedback to kick off the community saying what they think: GDF UNCUT Racing Life! @racinglifegame (

You gotta put some of those chronenburgs in there Doom Laser!

That warms my heart, sometimes I wonder if sometimes my games are even reaching anyone. I'll add it to the list of things to work on just for you <3

Thank you for this post! I may try to remake the ipad version and make a better mobile version of the game. Sadly ios culls old apps so I may have to tweak it to make it up to current standards. Thank you for showing interest in it. I didn't realize people still wanted to play it. <3

Here is my vid about your game:

Ah that holy thing, hiring a law firm can be its own interesting adventure if its told right.

can you hire a law firm?

lol, I am not good.

Raum Drive community · Created a new topic I lost.

This game defeated me, I tried to use skill to beat it, and failed, then I tried to use a scripting system to program in key inputs to do it exactly right, but somehow the commands weren't frame perfect and the result was that sometimes runs would end in failure seemingly at random. Then I tried compositing my hundreds of runs into one video by overlaying them and sadly my computer doesn't have the processing power to combine all the videos and key out the black bits. A complete loss, a game for masochists, total despair, no hope, no life, no.

Fascinating project for someone who is a bit tactless with their words!

He's going the distance.

I plan to work on this soon, and will make it so that you can host multiplayer games without using any hosting software if you have the IP address of the other party.

I guess the Stephen King version just came out so people are asking me about this! I might try to make this part of if possible. 

lol, that would be fun, which version of gameboy was Haruko's fav again?

Fun toy!

Good luck with this project, if you want I can play this on my youtube, it seems like a fun concept!

Thanks, we'll have to think about doing a mobile version. Also I would love to know how to make some kind of raspberry pi style handheld, but again I don't know much about that.

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Thanks! I think there are some text wrapping issues on itch? Any other glitches you noticed? I might open up the source code to fix those up. It was only on ipad b/c of finger size issues so it was a rather limited title.

Ah, got your bug report: I'm not sure why rotation would be choppy on a macbook from 2012 but it is probably a Unity WebGL issue that I can't do much about sadly.

Nice project,  I like how the bad guys just "go away" after enough time. I would like it if the character moved as fast as I pressed the arrow button.

Cool concept, looking forward to more!

Attacking by spinning the mouse wheel was a stroke of brilliance, good luck.

Clever concept, looking forward to updates!

Its got a "Princess Peach" style float to the jump. Good exercise!

Reminds me of Marble Madness, nice!

Nice Game! I would love there to be levels where you can only step on a tile one time, or ones where each time you step on a tile it toggles on and off! -Michael

Ah ok, I read your description, when I read keybinding I already had a notion of what keybindings were so I didn't realize you were doing something different here.

To make the ui more intuitive you could have toggles for what actions are active, as well as a throwaway action for when there is nothing bound, like having the keybinding menu popup.

Just a thought.

Kind of confused here, I need a bit more help to understand this one!

Very impressive puzzle game! The star levels were too tough for me.

Thanks so much, it actually took many years to get a complete project but I had my better half Say on the project to finish it up and make it into a real thing. Thanks for playing! -Michael

Hello, I saw your stream working on the dice and I thought it was a cool project. One thought I had was to add different colors to the numbers in your fortune telling mode to add a bit more context to the "mystical divination" Anyway, keep up the great work. -Michael

Its a quality font, lets hope you scare up some sales!

2 spooky.

Hi all, we just released a new game based on the anime FLCL. Here is the link:

Here is the description:

"No one knows how Endsville, the city of Devils, was born. But as soon as it was created it prospered, slowly eating up the world. The player serves Cantido, god of black flame, and must hinder Endsville's growth by setting it afire."

Basically its a pyromania simulator.

I've been a huge fan of the show since 2003 when it first aired and in the show the character Mamimi gets hooked on a game called Firestarter which she describes in the show and the description is so good we used it to design this game. I love the wacky animation and crazy use of anime tropes in the show and fell in love with it instantly. Now that they are rebooting it we figured it was the right time to launch the fan game.

Check it out now!

Thanks for playing. We want to do some new mechanics for sure and a LAN setup would be nice. Hopefully we'll get back to this soon!

Hey All,

I wrote an article about the nature of chess and how it is a great game for its time but I think we could do something better that fits with our current kinds of interactions. Basically chess is a more civilized substitute for having a duel and not about building relationships. I sort of felt compelled to write a piece about it. Then I randomly see that Sophie was doing a jam about chess at the same time... WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THIS COSMIC COINCIDENCE? 

Anyway, feel free to check out my wordy design manifesto if you like that kind of thing:

My Thoughts on Contemporary Chess