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Its a quality font, lets hope you scare up some sales!

2 spooky.

Hi all, we just released a new game based on the anime FLCL. Here is the link:

Here is the description:

"No one knows how Endsville, the city of Devils, was born. But as soon as it was created it prospered, slowly eating up the world. The player serves Cantido, god of black flame, and must hinder Endsville's growth by setting it afire."

Basically its a pyromania simulator.

I've been a huge fan of the show since 2003 when it first aired and in the show the character Mamimi gets hooked on a game called Firestarter which she describes in the show and the description is so good we used it to design this game. I love the wacky animation and crazy use of anime tropes in the show and fell in love with it instantly. Now that they are rebooting it we figured it was the right time to launch the fan game.

Check it out now!

Thanks for playing. We want to do some new mechanics for sure and a LAN setup would be nice. Hopefully we'll get back to this soon!

Hey All,

I wrote an article about the nature of chess and how it is a great game for its time but I think we could do something better that fits with our current kinds of interactions. Basically chess is a more civilized substitute for having a duel and not about building relationships. I sort of felt compelled to write a piece about it. Then I randomly see that Sophie was doing a jam about chess at the same time... WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THIS COSMIC COINCIDENCE? 

Anyway, feel free to check out my wordy design manifesto if you like that kind of thing:

My Thoughts on Contemporary Chess

Hecka cute!

Cute visuals!

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Hey Sigarrett, due to lack of users we shut down the multiplayer! You can sign up for my mailing list here and I'll email if they are up and running again: mailing list link